Newly found 'insulin-producing' pancreatic cells offer hope to diabetics

A team of researchers has found potential source of insulin-producing cells in the adult human pancreas, offering new hope to diabetics.

How texting can help diabetics manage insulin doses

 A new study has revealed that texting can help diabetics with low-income to manage their insulin doses.

Insulin pump halves risk of death from heart disease

People with type 1 diabetes who use insulin pump therapy have almost 50 per cent less risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who take insulin by multiple daily injections, a new Swedish study has found.

'Insulin pump therapy' slashes half the risk of death by heart attack

 For all the diabetics, it's time to start using insulin pump, as researchers claim that this therapy has 50 percent less risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who take insulin by injections.

Insulin may treat dementia

Insulin delivered high up in the nasal cavity goes to affected areas of brain and helps improve memory, says a study that could lead to new therapies for Alzheimer`s disease and similar forms of dementia.

Diabetic? Don't skip breakfast

 Diabetics who skip breakfast may have elevated blood sugar levels throughout the day, warns new research.

Implantable artificial pancreas to replace jabs for diabetics

An implantable artificial pancreas for diabetics has been developed that continuously measures a person's glucose level and can automatically release insulin as needed.

Diabetic? Smart insulin patch could replace injections

Managing diabetes could soon become a lot easier as researchers have developed the first "smart insulin patch" that can detect increases in blood sugar levels and secrete doses of insulin into the bloodstream whenever required.

3D printing to help treat Type 1 diabetes

Researchers have explored how 3D printing can be used to help treat Type 1 diabetes.

India to dispatch insulin worth Rs one crore to Nepal

Insulin worth Rs one crore will be sent for persons suffering from diabetes in earthquake-hit Nepal, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said here on Tuesday.

Why obese men face greater diabetes risk than women?

 Obese men are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than obese women due to differences in the activity of a protein in the muscle, new research has found.

New compound prevents onset of type 1 diabetes in animal models

 A team of scientists has tested a potent synthetic compound that prevents type 1 diabetes in animal models of the disease.

Genes behind Type 1 diabetes located

Researchers have located and narrowed down the number of genes that increase the risk of Type 1 diabetes, a study claims.

New engineered insulin may control diabetes more efficiently

 A new engineered insulin for diabetes patients hope to improve the treatment as insulin is critical to maintaining good health and normal blood-sugar levels.

New type of engineered insulin to treat diabetes

MIT scientists have engineered a new type of insulin that can circulate in the bloodstream for at least 10 hours and gets activated only when blood sugar levels are too high.

Link between inflammation and type 2 diabetes identified

A team of researchers has identified the link between inflammation and type 2 diabetes.

Researcher prevents Type I diabetes in lab

A researcher from Missouri-based Saint Louis University has found a novel way to prevent Type I diabetes in an animal model that stops destruction of beta cells and preserves insulin production.

New approach to treat fatty liver disease

A team of researchers from Yale University has found that triglycerides, a type of fat in the blood and liver, are produced in the liver independent of insulin action in the liver.

City life stress may make people more prone to diabetes in developing nations

 A new study has recently revealed that the increased stress may make people, who relocate from rural areas to cities, more prone to diabetes in developing nations.

Breath test could identify onset of diabetes in kids

Zee Media Bureau

London: Scientists have discovered that a breath test could spot the early signs of Type 1 diabetes in children long before they start to show symptoms.