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Five common mistakes to avoid while making herbal tea!

Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid in order to enjoy the optimal health benefits of herbal tea.

Want quick and effective ways to treat sunburn? Try these nine natural remedies!

 Who wants to have sunburn? Well, nobody wants to have this skin condition and it is caused when you are exposed to extreme sunlight. 

Tips to treat minor burns at home!

We often have some minor burn accidents at home while cooking or doing some other work.

Is butter healthy? Five reasons to eat Krishna's favourite!

Over the years, the white substance, which is made from churning fresh or fermented cream or milk, has been unfairly blamed for cardiovascular disease, mostly due to the high saturated fat content. 

28 students fall ill after having milk under mid-day meal in UP's Badaun

At least 28 students were taken ill today after consuming milk under mid-day meal programme at a primary school in Svaroop Pur village in Bisauli area here, police said.

Milk adulteration: Supreme Court favours life imprisonment to combat menace

The Supreme Court, while issuing a slew of guidelines to curb milk adulteration, said infants are "traditionally" fed milk and hence, stringent steps are needed.

8 ultimate reasons to drink buttermilk every day!

Here are some five amazing reasons why buttermilk is a blessing for your health.

Six worst foods for your skin!

Our skin, which is the most sensitive part of our body, gets affected the most if we eat something which doesn't suit us.

Easy home-made remedies to get rid of acidity!

Easy home-made remedies to get rid of acidity!

Odisha: Dairy owner spill milk down the drain to protest against OMFED in Bargarh

Dairy owner spilled the milk on the roads in Bargarh, Odisha to show their protest.

Vegan? Here's how you can get all key nutrients!

Following a vegetarian diet can yield health benefits as it reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Follow this diet to lose weight in just 4 days – Watch!

This popular diet dates back to 1934, but today, it has become more of a fad diet owing to its quick weight loss potential.

Here is why you should drink milk daily!

Milk should be included in their daily diet for healthy lifestyle.

Milk, exercise raise children's vitamin D levels

 Sufficient intake of milk with vitamin D supplements and physical activity are significantly important for vitamin D levels in children, according to a new study conducted by the University of Eastern Finland.

Have sleep problems? Drink a glass of milk taken from cows at night!

According to researchers, milk collected during night time has high amounts of tryptophan and melatonin, supplements proven to aid sleep and reduce anxiety.

Three-decade old pesticide in milk linked with Parkinson's

 A pesticide used prior to the early 1980s and found in milk at that time may be associated with signs of Parkinson's disease in the brain, researchers reveal.

Don't let your kid get away without breakfast!

Research proves that children who eat breakfast have better concentration during school hours than those who skip the morning meal.

Know all about the Kamadhenu avatar of Cow

Today, cow has become a tool of fishy politics of politicians, but in this segment check out cow's Kamadhenu avtaar.

Johnny Depp in talks for Neil Gaiman's 'Fortunately, the Milk'

Johnny Depp in talks for Neil Gaiman's 'Fortunately, the Milk'

Hollywood star Johnny Depp is in early talks to star in feature film adaptation of writer Neil Gaiman's time-travel tale "Fortunately, the Milk".