Mild drinking can lower disability in chronic pain patients

Treating chronic widespread pain with a glass of wine or a pint of beer may not sound like a good idea but scientists think otherwise. Moderate drinking may lower the disability risk among those suffering from the condition, says new research.

FSSAI for fixing limits of melamine in milk, milk products

To check adulteration, food safety regulator FSSAI has proposed for the first time fixing of maximum permissible limit of melamine content in milk and related products.

Try homemade scrubs during monsoon

 Regular exfoliation helps to remove excessive oil and dead skin cells. So gear up to explore kitchen ingredients like oatmeal, milk and more for glowing skin in monsoon season, says Blossom Kochhar, chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies.

FSSAI issues countrywide alert on packaged products including milk, water

With an aim to ensure compliance of standards by various products in the market in the wake of Maggi controversy, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has ordered all state food commissioners to inspect and evaluate all packaged products available in markets across the country.

How safe is your milk: Detergent found in Mother Dairy milk sample

Food safety and drug administration (FSDA) in Agra has found presence of detergent in milk samples of Mother Dairy, which is owned by National Dairy Development Board of India.

Now, breast milk sold online for athletes!

With surge of online sales, breast milk has become a commodity -- and not just for infants, says an editorial published in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine.

Detergent in Mother Dairy milk? Company refutes allegation

Two samples of milk produced by Mother Dairy have been found to be substandard, and one of them contained detergent, a food watchdog official said on Tuesday. A Mother Dairy official denied the charges, saying the company conducts "stringent quality tests", and the substandard milk was wrongly attributed to it.

U'khand floods: RTI reveals officers stayed in luxurious hotels, relished mutton

A string of financial bungling has come to light through responses to RTI queries that were made with regard to 2013 Uttarakhand flood relief efforts. RTI activist Bhupender Kumar has revealed that officials supervising relief work after the floods in 2013, splurged huge amount of money.

FDA launches drive to check milk adulteration

 In a bid to curb adulteration of milk during distribution, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) department has launched a drive against dairies and distributors across Maharashtra.

Delhi-NCR may face scarcity of milk

People of Delhi-NCR are likely to face scarcity of milk in the near future.

Alyssa Milano slams Heathrow Airport for seizing pumped breast milk
Alyssa Milano slams Heathrow Airport for seizing pumped breast milk

Alyssa Milano has taken to her Twitter page to vent after Heathrow Airport officials allegedly confiscated her pumped breast milk.

PU to carry out research to find benefits of milk proteins

With a view to identify health benefits of A2 against A1 milk proteins, Panjab University has joined hands with National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) and National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal to conduct a research, said to be "one of the first of its kind".​

Drinking raw milk ups food-borne illness risk

Drinking raw milk, instead of pasteurised milk, can increase your risk of getting food-borne illness by over 100 times, warns a new study.

Milk boosts brain health

A new study has find a possible correlation between milk consumption and brain health and has demonstrated that consuming milk can be good for one's brain.

Top 6 homemade face packs for glowing skin

Top 6 homemade face packs for glowing skin

It's official! Perfect cup of tea involves adding milk first

Milk should indeed be added first to make that perfect cup of tea.

Plant extract fights brain tumour

Scientists have discovered in cell cultures, animal models and human tumour tissue that a harmless plant extract can be applied to treat Cushing Disease caused by a tumour.

British mother selling breast milk to fund Christmas

A cash-strapped mother-of-four in Britain has revealed that she is selling her breast milk and plans to fund Christmas expenses with it, media reported.

Ancient tooth reveals first evidence of milk consumption
Ancient tooth reveals first evidence of milk consumption

An international team of researchers has discovered the first evidence of milk consumption preserved in dental plaque of humans in Europe and western Asia.