Smartphones to help track and check famines

 Scientists have developed a way to monitor food security using a smartphone app, which combines weather and soil moisture data from satellites with crowd-sourced data on the vulnerability of the population to malnutrition and other relevant socio-economic data.

Used alone, apps for weight loss are quite ineffective
Used alone, apps for weight loss are quite ineffective

Like many commercially available cell phone apps, CITY could be used to track calorie intake, activity and weight loss goals, and also offered weight loss tips and opportunities to connect with other users for social support.

We use smartphones for five hours each day: Study
We use smartphones for five hours each day: Study

Researchers found that smartphone use was typically confined to short bursts - more than half of uses lasted less than 30 seconds.

New smartphone app to help spina bifida patients

 A system incorporating a smartphone app can help adolescents and young adults with spina bifida, a disabling congenital condition affecting the spine, and improve their daily self-management skills, scientists say.

Yahoo's new email app works without password
Yahoo's new email app works without password

Yahoo introduced the changes as it turned 18 this month. 

App to help conduct concealed food safety observations

The app helps create of checklists to record aspects such as hand hygiene, the adequacy of hand-washing facilities, the temperature in coolers holding ready-to-eat foods and the presence of potentially hazardous foods.

Mobile app on Badrinath Yatra launched

Badrinath pilgrimage now has a smartphone app!

Colour an elephant and see it come alive!
Colour an elephant and see it come alive!

Now children can see their favourite characters that they draw and colour on a colouring book come alive in 3D augmented reality thanks to a new app by Disney Research.

Indian-origin duo develop app to cut bad eating habits

Two Indian-American scientists have designed a new smartphone app that will record your erratic eating habits throughout the day and help you not only cut some bad habits but also prevent “metabolic jetlag”.

Indian doctor develops mobile app to detect diseases in children

SB Dev Pujari, a doctor in Nagpur has developed a smartphone app that can detect illnesses and diseases in children.  

Smartphone app to cure motion sickness soon

A new device or a mobile phone app that applies a small amount of electricity via a headphone jack could soon put an end to the misery of seasickness and other forms of motion nausea.

Feeling bored? Your smartphone can sense that

Now, your smartphone can sense if you are getting bored, thanks to a new algorithm developed by researchers at Telefonica Research in Barcelona.

App to empower your mood
App to empower your mood

Do you know what time of the day your brain is either nervous or happy? An app can decode this so that you can better perform assigned tasks at work or home.

Now, tap on this smartphone app to connect with new friends!

 You can now connect with people and share your contact information by just tapping your smartphone screen, thanks to a new app launched by an Indian-origin entrepreneur.

Genius launches android app and tweaks design of iOS app, website

In its iOS app, the app allows the users to play songs and read the lyrics at the same time, making it a useful ad-hoc karaoke tool.

PoopMD app can scan liver disease in newborns

 A smartphone app can accurately detect early symptoms of biliary atresia (BA) - a rare disorder that accounts for nearly half of paediatric end-stage liver disease in the US.

New app to cure writer's block, fire up imagination
New app to cure writer's block, fire up imagination

 Writer's block may soon be a thing of the past, as scientists are developing a smartphone app that aims to measure and boost the mind's creative ability.

New app tracks health of heart and lung patients

A new smartphone app that monitors patients suffering from chronic cardiopulmonary diseases by analysing the way they walk can warn doctors at the first sign of trouble.

Track your lost pet through new smartphone app

Have you ever been through the traumatic experience of searching for your lost pet? Finding your cuddly pooch could now be less harrowing using a new mobile app.

Multi-functional app Misfit Link launched

A new smartphone app called Misfit Link will let you use an activity tracker as a smart button which can also help you take a selfie and control your playlist.