Govt mulling to slap fine of Rs 20,000 for smoking in public

Well, smoking may appear to be a pleasurable pursuit, but doing it publicly could now invite you to pay a hefty fine of Rs 20,000 as per a committee set up by the Union Health Ministry.

Indian students take pledge to abstain from alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Around 8000 students under Vidya Bharati Akhil Bhartiya Educational Organization in and around Delhi took pledge to abstain from alcohol, tobacco and all types of drugs during the programme.

Low-educated smokers at greater stroke risk: Study

Adults smokers with limited education face a greater risk of stroke than those with a higher education, says a study.

Ban on cigarettes and bidis? SC issues notice to Centre

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued notice to the Centre and all states on a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking to ban cigarettes and bidis in the country.

Three simple ways to prevent heart disease!

Heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of deaths around the world. But you can protect your heart by adopting a healthy lifestyle, although there are some factors attached which you can`t be changed such as family history, age or gender.

Oral cancer claims one life every six hours in India

One person dies every six hours due to oral cancer in the country, signalling an alarming rise in the incidence of the disease, according to a top orthodontist.

Even `third-hand` smoke kills

Have you finally amended your habits and stopped smoking inside the house to protect your kids from exposure to second-hand smoke? That may not be good enough!

Smokers at higher suicide risk: Study

Irrespective of whether they are suffering from psychiatric disorders or not, cigarette smokers are more likely to commit suicide than people who do not smoke, a study shows.

World`s leading lung organizations want to ban or restrict e- cigarettes use

A position statement on electronic cigarettes has been released by the experts from the world`s leading lung organizations to ban or restrict their use until their health impacts are better known.

Harsh Vardhan for alternatives to tobacco cultivation

Government today debunked the notion that a decline in smoking would affect tobacco growers and pressed upon exploring other viable alternatives to tobacco cultivation.

Curbs on tobacco products sale near Kerala schools

No shop within a 500-metre radius of schools in Kerala can now sell tobacco products, said a state minister.

Social networks abuzz after hike in tobacco duty

Thursday took to the social media to either applaud the finance minister`s move to hike excise duty on cigarettes and tobacco products or to vent their ire against the proposal.

Hookah next big threat for US youth: Study

While cigarette use is on the decline among US youth, an alarming number of high school students are turning to hookahs, cigars and smokeless tobacco products, researchers warned.

Tax tobacco heavily to check addiction: Experts

Taking a cue from Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, oral health experts here urged Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to levy high taxes on tobacco products to curb the youth from getting addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco.

Finland sets to wipe out tobacco use by 2040

With its success in arresting smoking, Finland has now issued an action plan to eliminate the use of tobacco products by the end of 2040.

High tax on tobacco will safeguard citizens: Health groups

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan`s proposal to the finance ministry on increasing taxes on tobacco products in the upcoming budget was Wednesday welcomed by various health groups, who said the increase in taxes will help in safeguarding the health of the people.

Menthol ciggies linked to increased smoking among teens

Researchers have claimed that teens who use menthol cigarettes smoke more cigarettes per day than their peers who smoke non-menthols.

Health Minister writes to Arun Jaitley, asks him to hike taxes on tobacco products

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has written to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday asking him to increase the taxes on cigarette and tobacco-related products.

Why quitting smoking is harder for some

For some smokers, strategies to aid quitting work well, but for others no trick seems to work.

Why e-ciggies are so `cool` revealed

Researchers have taken a look into the popularity of e-cigarettes.