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Attention working ladies! Weight gain can hamper your professional career

Are you looking for a job in the service sector? If yes, then watch your weight as researchers have found that an increase in weight had a negative impact on female candidates in their job prospects.

Try these simple ways to cut down on empty calories

Everyone wants to lose weight and might have tried doing every possible thing to achieve their fitness goal. 

Is childhood antibiotic use linked to obesity?

As the obesity rate continues to skyrocket in the US, scientists across the country are combing the health records of 1.6 million kids to determine if childhood antibiotic use causes weight gain later in life.

Pregnant women consider weight gain as baby weight

Women when pregnant prefer to consider weight gain as temporary and believe that they would re-attain their former body weight eventually, a new study has found.

Weight gain during pregnancy may lead to preterm birth

 Abnormalities in interval between pregnancies, mother's body mass index (BMI) prior to pregnancy and the amount of weight gain in pregnancy can lead to preterm birth, a new study has found.

Five easy home remedies to reduce stretch marks!

 Stretch marks can be one of the scariest things anyone can have on their skin.

Watch out for these signs of high testosterone in women!

Though most people think testosterone is 'masculine hormone', but the fact is that ovaries produce both estrogen and testosterone.

Five foods you should avoid at all costs!

Five foods you should avoid at all costs!

Five foods you should avoid at all costs!

Unhealthy diet can lead to weight gain: Study

Eating a good and healthy diet helps us stay fit and live long.

Desk job? Lose weight and keep your belly flat with these tips!

Here are some healthy steps that will help reduce your risks for various health conditions as well as avoid gaining excessive weight.

Weight gain in teens linked to low hormone levels

Potentially tied to weight management, spexin is also believed to have a role in controlling arterial blood pressure as well as salt and water balance.

Is double chin giving you nightmares? Worry not CLICK here!

Is double chin giving you nightmares? Worry not CLICK here!

Are you scared of the double chin which is slowing making its place on your pretty face? Then, perhaps worry less and try to follow these simple exercises mentioned in the link below. Double chin is usually seen either on people who are obese, or aged.

Unbelievable: Ten absurd weight loss myths debunked!

Whether it is the amount of calories, number of meals, types of exercises, etc., the myths appear to have simply grown in number over the years.

Beer won't shed your kilos, but compound from hops might

More research will be required to show safety and efficacy in humans, the researchers said.

New weapon in war against obesity

A team of scientists has uncovered a potential approach to combat obesity in those prone to weight gain.

Six ways to lose weight without dieting!

Try these small steps to drop those excess kilos without giving up your favourite foods.

Poor sleep may lead to extreme gestational weight gain

The study involved 751 nulliparous women with a singleton gestation.

Why exercise alone won't get those extra kilos off

Gym bunnies, you may be wasting your time as a new study has revealed that exercise by itself isn't always enough to shed those extra kilos.

Five steps, seven days: Losing that belly fat is a snap!

You can reduce that belly fat within just seven days!

Can't resist midnight snacking? Here's why it bad for you

Can't resist midnight snacking? Here are a few reasons as to why it bad for you.