Pragyan Rover

ISRO loses contact with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander 2.1 km above moon, data being analysed

Replying to a query that whether Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander has crashed, Deviprasad Karnik, a scientist at ISRO, said that data is being analysed and the space agency does not have any result yet. ISRO chairperson K Sivan had earlier announced that ISRO had lost contact with Vikram Lander.

Sep 07, 2019, 03:24 AM IST

Chandrayaan-2: All about the mission's Orbiter, lander Vikram and rover Pragyan

Chandrayaan-2 was launched into space by India's heavy-lift rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV Mk III) in a text book style on July 22.

Sep 06, 2019, 11:03 AM IST

Why Chandrayaan 2's Rover is named Pragyan

43 PM on Monday. 

Jul 22, 2019, 12:04 PM IST