Top five health benefits of peach!

Peach is a very popular fruit across the world for its unique flavour. 

Top five health benefits of peach!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: We all love to eat this juicy and delicious fruit. Peach is a very popular fruit across the world for its unique flavour. The fruit is also used in several desserts as an ingredient. But not many people are aware of the health benefits this fruits gives to our body.

Here are some of the health benefits of peach -

Good for eyes

Peaches contains rich amount of beta carotene which is responsible for eye health. Due to lack of beta carotene many people in the world suffer from sight problems.

Helps lose weight

Consuming lots of peach also helps in losing weight. There is only 68 calories in one peach and no fat.

Prevents Cancer

Peaches are incredibly high in antioxidants called chlorogenic acid which is known to protect the body from cancer and other chronic diseases.

Cleanses kidney

Potassium found in Peaches contains potassium that helps in reducing kidney related diseases . It also helps to cleanse the bladder.

Good for skin

Being a great source of Vitamin C, peach is good for skin. It also helps in reducing dark circles and wrinkles. Peaches are often used in cosmetics.  

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