Vaccine against dengue virus is 100 percent effective: Study

An experimental vaccine against dengue, the world's most common mosquito-borne virus, was 100 percent effective in early trials and could speed up the pace of a vaccine against Zika, researchers said today.

How vitamin A can reduce scarring in blood vessels

 A team of US researchers has developed a new biodegradable material with built-in vitamin A which has been shown to reduce scarring in blood vessels.

High blood sugar levels could lead to heart complications

Increased sugar levels in blood change the behaviour of blood vessels making them contract more strongly than normal which could result in higher blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attack complications, a study says.

Now, robotic worms to assist in inner ear surgeries

 Researchers have developed a miniature robotic 'worm' that could drill through a bone into the inner ear, steering around sensitive nerves, to help surgeons remove tumours from the delicate organ.

Mother's malaria can affect memory in offspring

 Malaria infection during pregnancy may result in learning and memory related problems in offspring, suggests new research.

Beet root juice may boost muscle power

Drinking concentrated beet root juice increases muscle power in patients with heart failure, new research has found.

Immune-blocking drug could stop cancer re-growth

Combining chemotherapy with a drug that blocks part of the immune system from going into overdrive might help prevent cancer coming back in some people.

Aus man to connect ear grown on arm to internet!

In a unique project, an Australian artist is growing a human ear on his arm and plans to turn it into an internet-connected 'remote listening device'.

New treatment for common inherited kidney disease found

A new technique which involves targeting tiny blood and lymphatic vessels inside the kidneys may slow the progression of a common inherited kidney disease, researchers have found.

New treatment for inherited kidney disease

A new treatment which involves targeting tiny blood vessels inside the kidneys may slow down the progression of an inherited kidney disease that is affecting around 12.5 million individuals worldwide, research has found.

Indian-origin scientist turns blood into nerve cells

Stem cell scientists led by Mick Bhatia from the McMaster University have successfully converted adult human blood cells into neural cells.

Enzyme behind obesity-related high BP identified

Researchers have identified the enzyme responsible for obesity-related hypertension that can lead to severe health issues such as heart attacks, kidney failure, organ damage, and weakened or ruptured blood vessels.

Toxic gas new frontier for regulating hypertension

Widely considered simply a malodourous toxic gas, hydrogen sulfide may help treat high blood pressure, a new study suggests.

Reducing physical activity hampers vascular function

A new research shows that reducing daily physical activity for even a few days leads to decrease in the functioning of inner lining of blood vessels in legs of young people.

Physical inactivity can damage blood vessels

Even a few days of inactivity can cause damage to blood vessels in the legs that can take a prolonged period of time to repair, scientists have found.

Second-hand marijuana smoke may damage blood vessels

Breathing second-hand marijuana smoke could damage your heart and blood vessels as much as second-hand cigarette smoke, says a new research.

Blood vessel protein could help treat prostate tumours: Study

 A signal protein, that plays a crucial role in controlling the growth of blood vessels, could be used to suppress tumours in prostate cancer, according to a new study published in the British academic journal Oncogene.

Milestone reached in work to cure pulmonary hypertension

A new research has revealed that a team of researchers have discovered a new therapeutic approach to cure pulmonary hypertension.

A new drug soon to treat heart attack

 Some scar-forming cells in the heart have the ability to turn into cells that form blood vessels, which are required to boosts the heart's ability to heal after an injury, an Indian-origin researcher has found, suggesting a new approach to treat heart attack.

Stem cell therapy could create new blood vessels

Diseases that occur due to blood flow problems could soon become a lot easier to treat as researchers have developed a technique to jump-start the body's system for creating blood vessels.