Menopause raises heart disease risk in women

Post-menopausal women have significantly greater volumes of fat around their hearts - a risk factor for heart disease - than their pre-menopausal counterparts, new research shows.

Scientists create 'mini hearts' from stem cells

Scientists have developed beating heart tissue from stem cells, an advance that could help screen for drugs likely to generate cardiac birth defects and guide decisions about which drugs are dangerous during pregnancy.

Why Indians are at higher risk of diabetes

Compared to those in the developed world, middle classes in India and other developing countries are more susceptible to Type-2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, thanks to their undernourished ancestors, says a study.

Vitamin C lowers the risk of heart diseases, early death

A new research has found that high concentration of vitamin C in the blood attained by eating fruits and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and early death.

How your coffee cuppa benefits your health

 The much believed fact that coffee does good to people is now being proved as researchers have claimed that drinking coffee can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.

Eat nuts to keep obesity at bay!

A new study has linked tree nuts to lower body weight and risk of obesity.

Three cups of coffee a day could slash heart disease risk

Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day may slash the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke by more than a fifth, new research has claimed.

Three to five coffee cups a day may cut heart disease risk

Drinking three to five cups of coffee per day could cut an individual's cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality risk by up to 21 percent, says new research.

A chocolate a day keeps heart diseases at bay

If your are worried about the health of your heart, here's a sweet solution. Researchers have found that eating up to 100 grams of chocolate every day is linked to lower heart disease and stroke risk.

'Sleepless nights' could pose heart disease risks equivalent to smoking

In a new study, scientist have found that a bad night's sleep could trigger health risks equivalent to that of smoking.

High dietary salt may prevent weight gain!

Turning conventional dietary wisdom on its head, scientists have found that adding high salt to a high-fat diet may actually prevent weight gain.

'Lead in noodles can cause cardiovascular disease'

Health experts have said that lead present in noodles causes a slew of chronic diseases including high blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular disease.

Cholesterol drug wins green light from US panel of experts

A US advisory panel urged regulators Tuesday to approve a new cholesterol drug that promises to reduce death from cardiovascular disease.

People with metabolic syndrome likelier to die from cardiovascular disease

A new study has examined that people who have metabolic syndrome are likelier to die from cardiovascular disease than people without this condition, and having diabetes or high BLOOD PRESSURE worsens the risk.

Stress ups risk of death from liver disease

In a first, researchers have linked high levels of anxiety or depression with an increased risk of death from liver disease.

Little extra fat good for diabetics

Being a bit on the heavier side may not be that bad for diabetics as researchers have found that patients with Type-2 diabetes who are overweight but not obese live longer than those who are underweight or normal-weight.

Quitting smoking at 60 cuts heart attack risk within first five years

A new study has indicated that older people at age 60 can lower the risk for heart attack and stroke within the first five years if they quit smoking.

Regular exercise can keep lifestyle diseases away

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis - Indians are facing an unhealthy future burdened with a slew of lifestyle diseases. But instead of expensive medication and therapy, the cure lies in making exercise a compulsory part of everyday life, health experts say.

Short burst of high-intensity exercise is best before fatty meal

 A new study has revealed that short bouts of high-intensity exercise before a fatty meal best for vascular health.

'Multiple pregnancies put mother at heart disease risk'

Women who give birth to four or more children are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases than women who have fewer children, says Indian-American researcher Monika Sanghavi from University of Texas's Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.