Special gene variant leads to heavy smoking

 A new study has suggested a direct correlation between smoking and mortality showing that a special gene variant increases the risk of heavy smoking.

Three simple ways to prevent heart disease!

Heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of deaths around the world. But you can protect your heart by adopting a healthy lifestyle, although there are some factors attached which you can`t be changed such as family history, age or gender.

Thyroid treatment may prevent heart disease in diabetics

Restoring thyroid hormones in heart may prevent cardiovascular disease resulting from diabetes, according to a new study.

Canola oil lowers heart disease risk in patients with Type 2 diabetes

A new research from St. Michael`s Hospital suggests that Canola should be one of the oils of choice for people with Type 2 diabetes.

New lab test to identify high risk heart patients

The SRL Diagnostics Limited (SRL), one of largest diagnostics network in India, announced the launch of new lab test- ST2, to help identify high risk heart patients by measuring a specific biomarker in the bloodstream.

Living heart tissue grown

In a first, scientists have merged stem cell and `organ-on-a-chip` technologies to grow functioning human heart tissue carrying an inherited cardiovascular disease.

New complex gene atlas to help battle human diseases

Researchers have provided insights into how genetic variants influence complex disease and drug response through metabolic pathways.

Garnish food with edible flowers for disease-free life!

Forget food, try some flowers instead to increase immunity. If we go by a new research, common edible flowers in China are rich in phenolics and have excellent antioxidant capacity.

Recommended low salt intake harmful for health: Study

Beware! Your average daily salt intake as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US may actually be low - leading to harmful health outcomes.

Earl Grey tea could keep heart disease at bay

Here`s a good news for Earl Grey tea lovers! Scientists say drinking Earl Grey tea
daily could keep heart disease at bay.

New protein markers identified that could help understand heart disease better

Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray, Utah, have found that elevated levels of two recently identified proteins in the body are inflammatory markers and indicators of the presence of cardiovascular disease.

Married people have healthier hearts

Married people have something to smile about! According to a research, it has been claimed that married people, regardless of age, sex, or even cardiovascular risk factors, had significantly less chances of having any kind of cardiovascular disease than those who were single, divorced or widowed.

Marathon training linked to healthier hearts

Researchers have linked marathon training with improved risk factors related to cardiovascular disease among middle-aged recreational male runners, suggesting that race preparation may be an effective strategy for reducing heart disease risk.

Mediterranean diet may reduce diabetes: Study

A new study suggests that adhering to a Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of developing diabetes, especially people who are at a high risk for cardiovascular disease.

Three ways to keep your heart healthy

Just running a few miles can help improve cardiovascular fitness by increasing the flexibility of the coronary arteries.

Vitamins do not help prevent heart disease, cancer: Scientists

In a blow to the $28 billion US vitamin industry, a US task force has warned that vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements do not help prevent heart disease or cancer, instead they could do more harm than good.

Three reasons why fast food is bad for you

Most people now flock to fast food every day due to hectic schedules in the fast-paced world, which is really unhealthy and dangerous for your health.

Childhood obesity has long-term effects on health

Childhood obesity can have long-term consequences - even when kids later lose weight, scientists say.

How exercise makes heart healthier

A new study has found that exercising regularly keeps our heart healthy and even reduces the risk of developing cancer and other diseases by targeting the heart cells` powerhouses - the mitochondria.

Childhood obesity could lead to type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease later in life

A new study has found that childhood obesity has long lasting consequences, even when kids lose weight.

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