New dads too face mental health risk

Reviewing 43 separate studies, the researchers found anxiety before and after a child arrives is just as prevalent as depression, affecting around one in ten men.

Men go crazy with food to charm ladies!

All men please take note! If you want to lose weight, check whether you are binging on food, especially when dining with a woman as you try to impress upon her!

Seduction key to getting what you want from men: Amber Rose
Seduction key to getting what you want from men: Amber Rose

Model-actress Amber Rose thinks seduction is the key to getting anything you want from men.

Emotional bonding may lead to lower testosterone in men

The new study focuses on a large, representative sample of aging US men and the ways their testosterone varies when they have emotionally supportive relationships.

Masculinity, energy drink use, sleep problems linked

Energy drinks have grown in popularity for many Americans, but there is growing concern about the health risks of consuming them in large quantities.

Men! Share daily chores to enjoy more and better sex

Researchers have found that those men who offer fair contribution to household chores enjoy more frequent and better sex.

Men find smarter women less attractive in real life
Men find smarter women less attractive in real life

A man finds a woman of greater intelligence attractive only when she is distant or far away from his mind, not when she is right next to him, a new study says.

Ovarian cancer pill can help men

The ovarian cancer, 'Olaparib,' is the first drug which was used to tackle inherited cancer mutations.

Marital strain makes women sad, men angry

When a marriage has troubles, women worry, become sad. For men, it is sheer frustration and not much more.

Women's hearts age differently to men's

A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study has suggested that the main pumping chamber of the heart ages differently in men and women.

Men, women have different reasons for heart failure

 In men the heart muscle that encircles the main heart chamber grows bigger and thicker with age, while in women, it retains its size or gets somewhat smaller, reveals a new study of the ageing hearts of nearly 3,000 adults.

Know why men aren’t as smart as women!

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New Delhi: Even though the brain of men is larger than women, it doesn't make them more smart and intelligent. A recent study found that there is a very weak association between brain size and IQ of men.

Gender gap exists in usage of post-heart attack meds

A new study has revealed that young women are less likely to be prescribed or take post-heart attack medications.

Yoga can improve a man's parenting skills

A new research suggests that practicing yoga may also help men become better fathers.

Genes can predict sexual orientation in men

 In a first, scientists have developed a method that can almost accurately reveal the sexual orientation of men just by looking at some specific genes.

Weight-loss surgery boosts testosterone levels in obese men 

The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of surgical weight loss following sleeve gastrectomy on serum testosterone, DHEA (a precursor to testosterone) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Most of media coverage is about men: Study

 Have you ever realised that more than 80 percent of the names mentioned in the media are those of men? The more mentions a person receives in the media, the higher the chances are that this person is a man, a new study reveals.

Are men really more creative than women?

People still tend to associate the ability to think creatively with stereotypical masculine qualities, says a new study.

Men with low-quality partners at early death risk!

New fathers please take note! You can learn a lot about good parenting from insects and save yourselves from an early death, especially if you are in the company of a low-quality partner!

Why are women more likely to get Alzheimer's disease than men?

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One of the most startling facts about Alzheimer's is that women are at a substantially higher risk of getting the disease. Researchers continue to search for answers as to why women are at such a significantly higher risk over their male counterparts.