My ancestors were criminals: Rebel Wilson
My ancestors were criminals: Rebel Wilson

Actress Rebel Wilson has revealed that her ancestors were shipped from Ireland to Australia because they were "criminals".

Global warming linked to human migration into Europe: Study

Rising temperatures about 1.4 million years ago may have enabled the earliest humans to migrate to Europe, says a new study.

Dr Subhash Chandra show: How to leave behind a good legacy?

This week Dr. Subhash Chandra Show will be aired from DSK International Campus, Pune. Dr. Chandra spoke to 500 students addressing the subject of Legacy introducing Padma Vibhushan awardee Dr. K. H Sancheti, who has created one with his invention, India first Indigenous Knee Implant. Dr.

Our ancestors arrived much earlier than thought

A fossil lower jaw found in Ethiopia has pushed back evidence for the earliest human genus -- Homo -- to 2.8 million years ago, around 400,000 years earlier than previously thought.

415 m-yr-old two-faced fish shows our ancestors weren't shark-y
415 m-yr-old two-faced fish shows our ancestors weren't shark-y

A new research of a 415 million year-old fish skull has revealed that the last common ancestor of all jawed vertebrates, including humans, was not very shark-like.

Our ancestors had stronger bones, says study

Researchers have found that low-bone density is a modern phenomenon caused probably by humans' shift from a foraging lifestyle to a sedentary agricultural one.

Ancestors hold clue to global food security

Agricultural decisions made by our ancestors more than 10,000 years ago could hold the key to food security in the future, according to a new research by the University of Sheffield.

One of mankind's most ancient lineages uncovered

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) and Penn State University have discovered one of modern-day human's ancient lineages through the sequencing of genes.

DNA reveals Neanderthals first mated with humans 50,000 years ago

A new study has examined the 45,000-year-old DNA from a Siberian man that has demonstrated that Neanderthals and humans first mated 50,000 years ago.

Nearly 3.5 lakh Hindus pray for ancestors in Bihar

More than three lakh Hindu devotees have come to Bihar's Gaya town to perform "pind daan", a religious service for ancestors, officials said Thursday.

Groundwater may have helped ancestors to thrive, evolve
Groundwater may have helped ancestors to thrive, evolve

A new study has revealed that the ability to find the new groundwater sources during extremely dry periods in Africa millions of years ago may have helped ancient ancestors to survive and evolve as species.

Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs: Study

In what could alter the textbooks, researchers have declassified dinosaurs as being the great-great-grandparents of birds.

Our ancestors took alcohol, drugs during rituals: Study

It is not that our ancestors did not indulge in alcohol or drugs; they just maintained that the use of opium poppies and hallucinogenic mushrooms was to connect with the higher self.

DNA `Sat Nav` tells where your ancestors lived 1000 years ago

A new ground-breaking technique developed by scientists traces where your DNA was formed a millennium ago.

Our ancestors enjoyed summer holidays at Antartica!

If this information stands true, the history books have to be rewritten soon. According to scientists, some parts on the coldest region on our earth - Antartica - was as warm as today`s California coast.

Human ancestors may have lived with dinosaurs millions of years ago

A new study suggests that an ancestor of humans-albeit one that is at the root of our family tree-shared the planet with dinosaurs.

Language your ancestors spoke in 2,500 BC revealed

A linguist has been able to recreate a proto-Indo-European (PIE) language that was spoken between 4,500 and 2,500 B.C.

Residents to pay respect to ancestors during pitru paksha

Pitru paksha, the period when Hindus offer respect to their ancestors starts on Friday and will continue till October 4. Also known as Mahalaya Paksha, the fortnight is meant to please one’s departed ancestors and it holds much importance among all communities.

Most common male and female ancestors lived around same time

First full-chromosome sequencing effort has found that most recent male and female common ancestors lived around the same time.

How our ancestors started to walk on two feet

Archaeologists at the University of York have challenged evolutionary theories behind the development of our earliest ancestors from tree dwelling quadrupeds to upright bipeds capable of walking and scrambling.