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Bobbi Kristina Brown was 'barred' from seeing mom Whitney's body for fears it'd haunt her
Bobbi Kristina Brown was 'barred' from seeing mom Whitney's body for fears it'd haunt her

 Bobbi Kristina Brown was barred from seeing her mother Whitney Houston's body after she died over fears she would be "forever haunted" by it, it has been revealed.

Rihanna feels conscious about cellulite

 Rihannahas admitted that she has got cellulite, which makes her feel self-conscious just like any other woman.

Body of girl found chopped to pieces in UP

Body of a girl in her early twenties was found in a sack near Chiraiyabagh village in SGPGI area here, police said on Tuesday.

Get inked - but only temporarily

Love body art? Choose temporary over permanent tattoos, says an expert, suggesting that you can have them in different colours and designs on your skin in a few minutes and that too without any pain.

Is Mumtaz Mahal's body mummified in Taj Mahal?

The mystery surrounding Mumtaz Mahal's burial at the Taj Mahal has deepened with a book claiming that her body was mummified.

Master math via body movements

Imagine your kid contorting his or her body and waving arms to master math. This is the future with body-based tasks while interacting with a Kinect for Windows mathematics program, researchers report.

Viruses may play a role in inflammatory bowel diseases

Inflammatory bowel diseases may be associated with an increase in the diversity of viruses in the body, scientists say.

Unidentified body recovered in J&K

Body of an unidentified youth was recovered on Wednesday from a drain in the Kasim Nagar locality here, police said.

Role in 'Cake' made me value my body: Jennifer Aniston
Role in 'Cake' made me value my body: Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston says she was grateful for her body after playing a role of pill-popper and chronic pain sufferer in her upcoming film 'Cake'.

Could depression be a physical illness?

Depression may not be a mental or emotional condition but actually a result of inflammation caused by the body's immune system, scientists say.

How lung cancer can be stopped from spreading

To break loose and spread around the body, lung cancer cells first chop of the protein ties that bind them to other cells, new research shows, adding that targeting this flaw could help stop lung cancer from spreading.

Lupita Nyong'o named best celebrity body
Lupita Nyong'o named best celebrity body

Oscar-winnig actress Lupita Nyong'o has been named Best Celebrity Body of 2014 by readers of Fitness magazine.

Gout attacks more common at nights

A new study has found that the risk of acute gout attacks is more than two times higher during the night or early morning hours than it is in the daytime.

Ab exercises for flat belly

Most of us have a little extra around the middle of our body. Include ab exercises in your fitness regime to shape up the midriff.

I don't support eight pack abs: Ajay Devgn
I don't support eight pack abs: Ajay Devgn

 Actor Ajay Devgn believes in being muscular and fit rather than running after six-pack and eight-pack abs that other actors have flaunted in their films.

Tiny micro tubes that could help neurons regrow

US researchers have created tiny micro tubes that could be implanted like stents to promote neuron regrowth at injury sites or to treat disease.

Missing Fox executive's body found

The body of 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith, who went missing in 2012, has been found.

Resveratrol could reverse benefits of exercise: Study

Contrary to popular belief, supplementing your exercise with resveratrol, a compound found in red wine and grapes, may not enhance the effects of physical activity, according to a new study.

Resveratrol could impede benefits of exercise

Contrary to popular belief, adding resveratrol (RSV) to your exercise routine may not enhance the effects of physical activity, said a study.

How body clock governs female fertility

Treating infertility in women may soon have a new approach as researchers have now identified the biological clock that governs female fertility.