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Traumatic stress impacts brains of boys, girls differently

Traumatic stress impacts brains of boys, girls differently

Traumatic stress may have different impact in the brains of adolescent boys and girls, according to a new brain-scanning study.

Hearing disabilities is linked to brain, not ears

This research brings together the fields of hearing and speech science, neuroscience and cognitive science, electrical engineering, biology, and systems science.

Toxins in soft drinks – The health hazards of lead and cadmium!

The results of the test conducted by the Health Ministry's Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) showed traces of heavy metals such as antimony, lead, chromium and cadmium and DEHP, or Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, in five samples of soft drinks.

Opioid users may find babies less cute

Coming on the heels of the infamous 'heroin' picture that showed a US grandmother passing out from an apparent heroin overdose -- while her four-year-old grandson sat in the back seat, a new study has found that opioid dependence affects how 'cute' we perceive images of children to be.

Novel antibody shows hope for Alzheimer's patients

Researchers have developed a new antibody that has the potential to completely remove the harmful beta-amyloid plaques -- protein deposits -- in the brain of patients with early-stage Alzheimer's disease.

Revealed: What goes inside the mind of a serial killer before they commit a crime!

Revealed: What goes inside the mind of a serial killer before they commit a crime!

In the aftermath of a mass shooting in the US, where a young gunman killed at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, we decode the scientific logic behind this violent pursuit of humans.

Marijuana users react differently to social exclusion

The brains of young adult marijuana users react differently to social exclusion than do those of non-users, finds a new study, adding that young adults who regularly use marijuana display altered brain activation patterns during social exclusion.

Bilinguals' brains work differently

Bilinguals' brains work differently

According to a new study, language juggling can rewire a bilingual brain.

Emotions do affect brain's creative network

Emotional expression affects the brain's creativity network, says a new brain-scanning study of jazz pianists, adding that “happy” and “sad” music evoked different neural patterns in their brains.

Brain too can get fossilised

Scientists have long maintained that brains do not fossilise -- but new research has provided the strongest evidence yet that it is possible. In fact, the brains of a set of 520-million-year-old arthropods did just that.

Dinosaurs' noses kept their brains cool

The team of researchers has found that dinosaurs used their nasal passages to keep their brains cool.

Large study on how substance use affects young brains launched

 The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Friday awarded 13 grants to research institutions around the country as part of a landmark study about the effects of adolescent substance use on the developing brain.

Intelligence is not a muscle

 Why is a similar task done efficiently by one person and not-so-well by the other? Scientists now have the answer.

Roche steps up work on two experimental Alzheimer's drugs

Roche is to step up its research efforts on two Alzheimer`s drugs, both of which suffered setbacks in tests last year, reflecting its belief in drugs targeting protein plaques found in brains of patients with the disease.

Expectations shape infants' brains: Study

 Infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains, shows research.

'Polluted air' can reduce white matter in our brains

In a new study, scientist have claimed that air pollution could cut down the white matter in our brains.

Men prefer brains over big breasts and long legs: Study

 What do men prefer, beauty or brains? According to a British evolutionary biologist, men prefer intelligence over big breasts and long legs when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Unable to kick the butt? Blame your brain

Brains of some smokers may be hardwired to succeed at quitting, a new study has found.

Here's how our 'smart' brains separate ability to talk and write

 A new study has revealed how the brain separates our ability to talk and write.

Magical 'Harry Potter' books do spellbind our brains

It turns out that certain words from the magical Harry Potter books do cast a spell on our brains.