High flavours in e-cigarettes bad for health

The high levels of chemicals used to flavour some brands of e-cigarette fluid could be respiratory irritants, says a new study.

Tampons can identify sewage pollution sources in rivers
Tampons can identify sewage pollution sources in rivers

Tampons may not be an obvious scientific tool, but engineers from the University of Sheffield in Britain have found in them a new utility - using them to identify the sources from where sewage is discharged into the river.

Holi: Tips to take care of your skin, hair from harmful chemical colours!

Here's a few tips to take care of your skin and hair from harmful chemical colours during Holi.

Everyday chemical exposures linked to earlier menopause

 A new study has demonstrated that few women experience menopause two to four years earlier whose bodies have high levels of chemicals found in plastics, personal-care products and common household items.

New sensor spots minute quantities of atmospheric mercury

Researchers have developed a new sensor to detect minute levels of mercury in the atmosphere in just 10 seconds.

Beware! Packaged water harmful to health

Drinking packaged water may appear to be good for health but you are wrong. A new study has revealed, that it may be exposing your body to an onslaught of chemicals.

Chemicals from personal care products contaminate pools

A new study suggests that apart from urine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals from personal care products end up in swimming pools and may impact your health.

Prenatal exposure to these 2 common chemicals can tank your baby's IQ

A new research has revealed that prenatal exposure to elevated levels of two common chemicals found in the home, di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP) and di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP), are associated with substantial reductions in the IQ of children.

Exposure to fracking chemicals may pose threat to human reproduction, development

A new study has revealed that exposure to chemicals released during natural gas extraction might be harmful for human reproduction and development.

Syria has removed 100 percent of declared chemicals: Team chief

The head of the international team of weapons experts charged with overseeing the elimination of Syria`s chemical stockpile told Reuters on Monday that Syria had removed all its declared arsenal from its territory.

Briton had bomb-making chemicals, Kenya expert tells trial

A Briton on trial in Kenya for plotting bomb attacks possessed chemicals capable of making an explosion, a government chemist told a court in the port city of Mombasa Thursday.

Saliva may protect you from chemicals in tea, coffee

Believe it or not! Your saliva can rescue you from powerful toxins present in tea, coffee and liquid smoke flavouring.

Scores killed in Kenya by toxic homebrew alcohol

At least 80 people have died in Kenya and dozens more have been blinded or fallen ill after drinking a toxic homebrew thought to have been laced with industrial chemicals, officials said today.

Syria has 8% of chemical material left: Monitor

Syria still holds around eight percent of its chemical weapons material, missing a deadline to remove or destroy it all, the mission overseeing the destruction of its arsenal said Sunday.

49 percent of Syrian chemicals removed: Watchdog

The world`s chemical weapons watchdog says more than 49 per cent of the raw materials for Syria`s poison gas and nerve agent program scheduled for destruction have been shipped overseas.

Chemical in plastics can adversely affect developing organs in primates

Researchers have found that exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) - a chemical used in a wide variety of consumer products, such as resins used to line metal food and beverage containers, thermal paper store receipts, and dental composites - can cause fetal abnormalities in primates.

Health risks of thousands of everyday chemicals being evaluated

Concern over the safety of everyday household products, such as baby bottles and soaps, has spurred a wide-ranging research effort into predicting the health risks of tens of thousands of chemicals.

Exposure to chemical in plastic could lead to miscarriage

Exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that is found in plastic, could raise risk of miscarriage among women prone to that problem or having trouble getting pregnant.

Chemicals in paper food containers linked to osteoarthritis

Exposure to two common perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) was found to be associated with higher prevalence of osteoarthritis, particularly in women, according to a new study.

Chemicals in personal care products linked to childhood asthma

Researchers have found that children exposed to diethyl phthalate (DEP) and butylbenzyl phthalate (BBzP)—phthalate chemicals commonly found in personal care and plastic products—have elevated risk of asthma-related airway inflammation.