'Energy drinks' can lead to acute heart problems

A new research has found that energy drinks can cause heart problems.

Caffeine`s safety concerns increase with energy drinks gaining popularity

New questions regarding the safety of caffeine for consumers has been recently raised as the caffeine-containing energy drinks have surged in popularity.

How caffeine affects boys, girls after puberty

After puberty, boys and girls experience different heart rate and blood pressure changes after consuming caffeinated sodas and energy drinks, new research says.

Drinking energy drinks linked to health problems in teens

A new study has found that consumption of energy drinks among teenagers may be linked with poor mental health and substance use.

Teens consuming `high-caffeine` energy drinks are more likely to use drugs

A new study has revealed that adolescents who consume high-caffeine energy drinks or "shots," are more likely to indulge in alcohol, cigarette, or drug use.

Caffeine stirs memory: Study

A jolt of caffeine can boost memory, according to a study published Monday that provides a scientific motive for students slurping coffee, tea or energy drinks when cramming for exams.

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol extremely hazardous to health

A new study has suggested that mixing energy drinks with alcohol is riskier than just drinking alcohol alone.

Vodka with Red Bull `deadly cocktail` for health disaster

A new study suggests that mixing alcohol with energy drinks such as Red Bull could be even worse for your heart and nervous system than it was previously thought.

Regular energy drinks consumption deadly time bomb for kids

Energy drinks are made for adults and when young children drink them, they consume a large quantity of caffeine for their body mass.

Energy drinks may increase blood pressure and disturb heart rhythm

Consumption of energy drinks might impact cardiac health by increasing blood pressure and disturbing heart rhythm, researchers have claimed.

Caffeine can cut risk of road crash: Study

Long distance commercial drivers who consume caffeinated substances such as coffee or energy drinks, to stay awake while driving, are significantly less likely to crash than those who do not, a new study has claimed.

Caffeine delivers kick in energy drinks

It is just caffeine that delivers the kick in energy drinks, rather than addition of much vaunted ingredients such as guarana or taurine, says a new research.

Syrup used in biscuits and energy drinks `fuelling diabetes on global scale`

A sweetener that is used in food products like biscuits and ice creams could be partly to blame for the rising rates of type 2 diabetes, researchers say.

Energy drinks may help improve heart function

Energy drinks can exert acute positive benefits on heart performance, a new study has revealed.

Energy drinks severely damage tooth enamel: Study

An alarming spike in the consumption of sports and energy drinks, especially among teens, is irreversibly damaging the tooth enamel with their high acid content, says a study.

Energy drinks can cause irreversible damage to teeth

Energy drinks are twice as likely to destroy enamel than sports drinks.

Dev Patel needed energy drinks to keep active on set

Dev Patel has admitted that he was so concerned about his energy levels dipping while on the set of ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol risky

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol can leave drinkers badly dehydrated leading to vomiting, nausea and other health problems.

Energy drinks can be dangerous, says study

Caffeine-rich energy drinks pose dangerous health risks and may cause seizures, strokes or even death.

Energy drinks can be dangerous: Study

Caffeine-rich energy drinks pose dangerous health risks and may cause seizures, strokes or even death.