Mother Teresa: Controversies surrounding the 'Saint of the Gutters'

Mother Teresa: Controversies surrounding the 'Saint of the Gutters'

The issues of abortion to her beatification and sainthood, Mother Teresa's work and life has been subjected to intense scrutiny, judgement and criticism.

Disposable biochip for simpler, affordable HIV diagnosis

There are about 50 microliters in a drop of blood.

International Women's Day: Top 6 health issues every woman must know!

Here five major health issues affecting women and that need to be tackled.

Beware! Dating sites helping spread HIV

According to a new study, more than 60% of gay and bisexual men diagnosed with HIV reported meeting sexual partners online in the preceding year.

How Charlie Sheen's revelation helped raise HIV awareness!

Google searches for information about HIV hit a record high in the US after Charlie Sheen announced that he is a HIV-positive.

Living with HIV/AIDS: Ways to stay healthy and live longer!

Here's a list of things you can do to help you have a long, healthy life while protecting others

US invests USD 100 million to prevent, control TB in India

The US has invested nearly USD 100 million to prevent and control Tuberculosis in India over the last 18 years, but the dreaded disease continues to be a leading cause of death in the country, officials said today.

IAVI and CureVac partner to accelerate development and testing of AIDS vaccine candidates

Researchers at IAVI's Neutralizing Antibody Center at The Scripps Research Institute and elsewhere have designed several novel immunogens that have the potential to elicit such antibodies.

Infectious diseases killed 1,433 in China in September

 A total of 1,433 people died from infectious diseases in China in September, with HIV/AIDS the top cause of death, according to figures released by the health authority on Saturday.

New DNA nanomachine for rapid detection of HIV

Researchers have come up with a nanometer-scale DNA "machine" whose customised modifications enable it to recognise a specific target antibody.

HIV infection: Know early signs and symptoms of it

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a term which applies to the most advanced stages of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. 

HIV self-testing safe and accurate: Study

 HIV self-testing (HIVST) that involves training individuals to perform and interpret their own HIV test may prove to be a widely used, safe and accurate method of controlling the epidemic, new research has found.

Tom Hanks, Lisa Cholodenko to be honoured by Outfest

Tom Hanks, Lisa Cholodenko to be honoured by Outfest

Outfest, the non-profit organisation which recognises filmmakers and actors for their contribution to LGBT media visibility, will honour Tom Hanks and Lisa Cholodenko at ceremonies on November 5.

HIV ancestors have infected primates for 16 million years

Viruses closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that may cause AIDS have infected primates in Africa for as long as 16 million years, says a new study.

Indian government launches mobile app on HIV/AIDS

Now, a mobile application called HELP (HIV Education and Linkage to Prevention) will provide complete information on HIV, increase awareness and risk perception.

Molecule that targets HIV in semen to prevent infection

A tweezer shaped molecule that targets the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in semen can help prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted viral diseases, new research has found.

Many AIDS deaths caused by TB in Mizoram

Many AIDS deaths in Mizoram were actually due to Tuberculosis (TB), state health department officials Thursday said.

Dr Suniti Solomon, who detected India’s first HIV case, dies at 76

Dr Suniti Solomon, who was part of the team that detected the first strains of HIV in India in 1986, passed away at her residence here on Tuesday.

Indian, African experts to participate in HIV-AIDS conference

Experts from India and East African nations will brainstorm ways to accelerate new preventive technologies for HIV-AIDS and to ensure greater role of low and middle-income economies in its vaccine research during a high-level technical session Tuesday.

8,000 HIV patients at risk in Eastern Ukraine: UN envoy

Some 8,000 people with HIV in war-torn eastern Ukraine face a critical shortage of medicine and their supply will run out in mid-August unless a blockade is lifted, a UN AIDS envoy has warned.