100 Boko Haram fighters killed in Nigeria

At least 100 Boko Haram fighters were killed in an operation by military troops in northeastern Nigeria`s state of Borno Friday, a senior military officer said.

US opposed to Iran`s presence at Iraq conference: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday his country was opposed to Iran`s participation at an international conference in Paris on Monday on Iraq, which is grappling with an offensive by Islamist militants.

Germany arrests three Shebab suspects returning from Kenya

Three German men were arrested at the weekend when they flew home from Kenya, accused of having joined and fought with Somalia's Shebab Islamist militant group, officials said on Monday.

Somalia offers 45-day amnesty to Islamist militants

 With a major offensive against the radical group Al Shabaab under way, the Somali government on Wednesday offered a 45-day amnesty to Islamist rebel fighters.

Syria ready to work with any state to fight Islamist militants

Syria said on Monday it would cooperate in any international efforts to fight Islamic State militants in the country, after Washington signalled it was considering extending the battle against the group into Syrian territory.

Libya`s Islamist militias claim control of capital Tripoli

Libya`s Islamist militias said on Sunday they have consolidated their hold on Tripoli and its international airport, driving out rival militias to the outskirts of the capital following a weekslong battle for control of the strategic hub.

Islamist militants capture Libya`s Tripoli airport

Tripoli: Libya`s Islamist militants` coalition Libya Dawn announced Saturday that they have taken the Tripoli international airport, a crucial stronghold for the Zintan pro-secular militias, a TV report said.

Cairo condemns stadium execution of Egyptian in Libya

Cairo: Egypt on Saturday condemned the public execution in a Libyan football stadium of one of its nationals, reportedly by jihadists, and urged the international community to help restore security there.

Boko Haram takes over another Nigeria town: Witnesses

Boko Haram has seized control of a town in northeastern Nigeria, the latest to fall into Islamist hands in the crisis-hit region and an indication of the group`s increasing territorial ambitions.

Islamic State jihadists demanded $132 mn ransom for James Foley`s release

Islamist militants earlier asked a ransom of over USD 132 million from US journalist James Foley`s family and employer.

Pope says legitimate for world to stop Islamist aggression in Iraq

Pope Francis said on Monday the international community would be justified in stopping Islamist militants in Iraq, but that it should not be up to a single nation to decide how to intervene in the conflict.

Japanese national reported captured in Syria

Japan is looking into reports that a Japanese man has been captured by Islamist militants in Syria, but is not aware of any statement claiming responsibility or making a ransom demand, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

UN, EU move against IS in Iraq

Iraqis and foreign powers voiced relief on Friday after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki agreed to step down, as the UN targeted Islamist militants and the EU backed the arming of their Kurdish rivals.

Boko Haram kidnaps scores in Nigeria: Witnesses

Boko Haram Islamists kidnapped scores of people from fishing communities in Nigeria`s extreme northeast, hauling some of the hostages away on boats across Lake Chad, witnesses said on Friday.

Barack Obama considers option to evacuate trapped Iraqi civilians

The establishment of humanitarian corridors and airlifts are among options being considered by the US President Barack Obama to evacuate the Iraqi civilians trapped on a mountain to avoid Islamist militants` onslaught, the White House said Wednesday.

Indian nurses now caught in Libyan conflict

In a near replay of the incidents in Iraq, a large number of Indian nurses are caught amid spiralling violence in Libya, where rival militias seek to control the capital`s international airport, and have approached the Indian mission for aid and even help in evacuation.

Islamist militants kill 18 civilians in Philippines

Islamist militants in the Philippines killed 18 people on Monday in revenge for their clan`s support of government efforts to bring stability to the resource-rich region and the military warned of more bloodshed.

Four Egyptian soldiers killed in ambush

Four Egyptian recruits were killed Saturday in an ambush set by anti-government extremists in the country`s North Sinai governorate, a security source said.

Islamists attack Yemeni airport as bomber hits Army base: Sources

Suspected Islamist militants attacked an airport in the eastern Yemeni city of Seiyun early on Thursday, clashing with soldiers and occupying parts of the building, sources at the airport said.

Renegade general launches offensive in east Libya, up to 12 killed

A renegade Libyan general launched a fresh offensive on Sunday against Islamist militants in the eastern city of Benghazi, sparking some of the worst fighting in weeks, with up to 12 people killed and power supplies disrupted.