Infomation on the go

Educational institutions are using mobile apps to update exam schedules, admission notices and offer career counselling to students. Sanchayan Bhattacharjee finds out more.

Facebook upgrades mobile search to let users search old posts by keywords
Facebook upgrades mobile search to let users search old posts by keywords

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Facebook on Friday announced that it has decided to let its mobile app users to retrieve old posts shared with them by their friends.

A career in mobile apps

A growing numbers of smartphone users has led to an increase in demand for mobile app developers who keep you tuned in all the time.

Mobile apps help doctors treat patients via smartphones

Many medical phone apps have recently gained popularity that allows doctors to diagnose their patients through text messages or video-chat on smartphones.

App to save precious data

Here comes an app that can help you save your precious smartphone data even if it is lost or destroyed.

Users spend more time on mobile apps than any other digital media

A new report revealed that time spent on mobile apps is higher than any other digital medium, coming in at 51 percent.

Facebook introduces Anonymous Login, lets users limit data shared with apps

Taking a step forward to ensure data privacy, Facebook on Wednesday introduced a new version of login system for users which allows them to filter how much information they want to share with third-party mobile apps.

YouTube adopts Google`s card design to highlight playlist

YouTube has reportedly launched a new design for its users that is inspired by the "card-like" design Google now uses on many of its other web and mobile apps.

NSA using mobile apps like Angry Birds, Flickr, Google Maps to pull out user data

The NSA and its UK counterpart, the GCHQ, allegedly used apps like Angry Birds, Google Maps, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook etc, to pull out user data.

Now buy apps in `realworld` store

Smartphone users now have the option to buy mobile apps `offline` at Shotformats Digital Production`s offline application stores.

Now, mobile apps that can help you remain healthy

Researchers have developed two mobile apps for people wanting to keep their distance from health threats like E. coli-contaminated lettuce or the flu.

Now, app to book parking spots and avoid getting tickets!

An online parking-reservation firm in New York City, SpotHero has reportedly launched an app to let drivers seamlessly book daily or monthly parking spots using their credit cards and save getting parking tickets.

China`s Google offers `no-install app` preview service

China`s Google, Baidu has reportedly launched an app preview service to its users allowing them to preview mobile apps without needing to install them first.

Facebook testing mobile payment service

Social media giant Facebook is reportedly working on a small test for a new mobile payments service that would allow users to link their financial account details to the site and make purchases on apps using that information.

Now, a nappy application for sleepless parents!

No doubt, sleepless nights are the bane of every new parent`s life but one weary father has helped stop them -- by inventing a phone application.

Now, app that banishes nightmares and sweetens dreams

Scientists have come up with a phone app that subliminally influences people as they sleep and gives them their perfect dream by playing a `soundscape`.

Ads in mobile apps fraught with security risk

Inclusion of ads in mobile applications or apps is fraught with privacy or security risks, so beware.

Cheap smartphones whet Indian appetite for mobile apps

A rise in the number of low-cost smartphones has enabled young Indians to access mobile apps.

Now, app that pays you to work out at the gym!

The app called Gympact offers users cash prizes if they work out 30 minutes everyday in the gym without missing a day.