Three killed as Somali pirates fight over ransom

A Somali police officer says three people have been killed as pirates clash in a central Somali town over a ransom paid for the freedom of a German-American journalist who was released this week after two years and eight months of captivity.

Somali Islamists bomb two convoys, killing at least 12

Somalia`s Islamist rebel group bombed African peacekeepers and government vehicles on Monday in twin attacks that left at least 12 civilians dead, marking al Shabaab`s first major attack since promising revenge for the killing of its leader last week.

Somalia offers 45-day amnesty to Islamist militants

With a major offensive against the radical group Al Shabaab under way, the Somali government Wednesday offered a 45-day amnesty to Islamist rebel fighters.

African troops in fresh offensive against Islamists in Somalia

Somali and African Union forces have launched a long-awaited fresh offensive against Shebab Islamist fighters aimed to capture remaining ports from the extremists, army and government officials said on Saturday.

Heavy fighting in Mogadishu as troops try to disarm warlord`s militia

Heavy fighting broke out in Mogadishu on Friday as Somali government and African Union troops battled a powerful militia warlord in a bid to disarm him, security officials said, reporting a number of casualties.

War-torn Somalia appeals for urgent aid amid drought

Somalia`s government begged for help Tuesday, warning the war-torn nation once again faced a hunger and drought catastrophe three years after famine killed more than a quarter of a million people.

Somalia executes three Shebab militants

Three suspected Shebab Islamic militants were executed by firing squad in Mogadishu on Sunday, Somali police said.

Five killed in Somalia car bomb attack

At least five people were killed Saturday when a car bomb exploded at the entrance of the Somali parliament in capital Mogadishu.

Somali lawmaker assassinated, Shebab claim responsibility

Somalia`s al Qaeda-linked Shebab claimed responsibility for shooting dead a lawmaker and wounding another today, the latest in a surge of attacks in Mogadishu during Islam`s holy month of Ramadan.

At least two killed in Somali capital market bomb: Police

At least two people were killed when a bomb exploded on Monday in a busy market in Somalia`s capital Mogadishu at the start of Islam`s holy month of Ramadan, police said.

At least two killed in Somali capital market bomb: Police

At least two people were killed when a bomb exploded on Monday in a busy market in Somalia`s capital Mogadishu at the start of Islam`s holy month of Ramadan, police said.

Islamist rebels in Somalia kill three as Ramadan starts

Islamist rebels shot dead three members of Somalia`s security forces in the capital on Sunday, police and witnesses said on the first day of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month when insurgents had warned they would stage attacks.

Somalia`s Shebab warn of Mogadishu attacks during Ramadan

Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab militants have warned they will step up attacks in the Somali capital Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan, which started on Sunday.

Aid agencies help displaced Somalis return home

A consortium of international aid agencies said that they have helped about 11,000 displaced Somalis to return home, media reported on Friday.

3 dead in Somalia after militants attack hotel

A suicide bomber and gunmen killed three people, including two soldiers, today when they attacked a hotel housing African Union and Somali forces, officials said.

Somali journalist killed in bomb attack

A Somali journalist died in Mogadishu Saturday after a bomb believed to have been attached to his car was remotely detonated, police and witnesses said.

One killed in Somalia hospital car bomb blast: Witnesses

A doctor was killed on Wednesday and two others wounded when a car bomb exploded at a hospital in Somalia`s capital Mogadishu, staff and witnesses said.

Somalia`s Shebab claim Kenya attack, warn tourists

Somalia`s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels today said they carried out an attack on a town on Kenya`s coast that left 49 dead, and warned tourists and foreigners to stay away from Kenya.

Several dead central Somalia fighting: Elders

At least 12 people died in heavy fighting between rival militia in central Somalia, elders said on Wednesday, the latest surge of violence amid warnings of a worsening humanitarian crisis.

Seven killed in Somalia car bomb explosion

At least seven suspected militants were killed Saturday in Somalia when a car bomb exploded outside the country`s parliament here, a police official said.