Gulf of Guinea: Africa`s new pirate paradise

A year after vowing to banish buccaneers from their waters, countries in the Gulf of Guinea -- the new epicentre of piracy in Africa -- are struggling to get their act together.

Riverine Gambia builds first ever bridge: Government

 The Gambia on Thursday announced its first-ever bridge across the river taking up most of its territory, in a multi-million dollar project to ease the arduous journey across the country.

Ebola death toll tops 5,000, steep rise in Sierra Leone cases: WHO

The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa`s three hardest-hit countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has risen to 5,147 out of 14,068 cases at the end of Nov. 9, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.

Senegal declared Ebola-free: WHO

Senegal is officially free of Ebola with the benchmark of 42 days passing without any new cases, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

UN Security Council blacklists foreign fighters, recruiters

 A United Nations Security Council committee blacklisted on Tuesday more than a dozen foreign extremist fighters, fundraisers and recruiters tied to militant groups in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Yemen, including a senior Islamic State leader. 

Ebola kills 2,811,outbreak 'contained' in Senegal, Nigeria : WHO

The deadliest Ebola epidemic ever has now killed 2,811 in west Africa, the World Health Organisation has said, adding though that in Senegal and Nigeria the outbreak had been basically contained.

Ebola kills 2,811, outbreak 'contained' in Senegal, Nigeria: WHO

The deadliest Ebola epidemic ever has now killed 2,811 in west Africa, the World Health Organization said Monday, adding though that in Senegal and Nigeria the outbreak had been basically contained.

Fijians safe from Ebola virus: Health ministry

Fiji`s health ministry has ruled out any possibility of Ebola outbreak in the island-country because of its geographical location and lack of any direct global trade with West Africa, media reported Monday.

Guinean who brought Ebola to Senegal recovered, to return

A Guinean student who brought Ebola to Senegal has recovered from the disease and is resting before he is expected to return home, Senegal`s health minister said on Wednesday.

Vigilante `border guards` keeping Ebola out of Senegal

A dozen Guineans await deportation at a Senegalese frontier police post, stopped in their tracks by the foot soldiers of an informal battalion of villagers at the forefront of a fight to keep Ebola out.

`Grave concerns` over food shortages in Ebola-hit nations: UN

Labour shortages and disrupted cross-border trade caused by the deadly Ebola outbreak have sparked "grave food security concerns" in the worst-hit countries, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Senegal closes border as UN warns on Ebola flare-up

Senegal has become the latest country to seal its border with a west African neighbour to ward off the deadly Ebola virus, as the new UN pointman on the epidemic said preparations must be made for a possible flare-up of the disease.

Seven wedding guests killed by Senegal landmine

Seven wedding guests were killed and three were seriously injured on Sunday when they were blown up by a land mine in the troubled southern Senegalese region of Casamance, sources told.

Senegal veteran Souleymane Diawara joins Nice

Senegal international Souleymane Diawara, out of contract after five years with Marseille, on Tuesday signed to play for Ligue 1 rivals Nice.

Senegal ex-president`s son on trial for corruption

The flamboyant "super minister" son of former Senegalese leader Abdoulaye Wade on Thursday went on trial accused of accumulating a multi-million dollar fortune through corruption while in office.

Senegal prime minister sacked after poor election results

Senegal`s Prime Minister Aminata Toure has been sacked after her ruling party`s poor results in local elections last Sunday, a media report said Saturday.

Senegal votes in local elections seen as presidential test

Senegal voted in municipal and provincial elections on Sunday, seen as a key test for President Macky Sall as he tries to shore up support for his party two years after his own disputed victory.

Risk of Ebola spread in west Africa, WHO warns

The World Health Organization has warned that Ebola could spread beyond hard-hit Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to neighbouring nations, but insisted that travel bans were not the answer.

Senegal tense as exiled former president returns home

Exiled former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade has made a controversial homecoming with security forces on high alert two years after he lost office in an election marred by violent protests.