US launches anti-smoking campaign targeting 'hip-hop' teens

'Fresh Empire' is part of the FDA's ongoing efforts to combat tobacco uptake and use among youth.

Genes behind lung disease in smokers decoded

British researchers have discovered six independent genetic variants associated with lung health and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) -- revealing association with lung disease and smoking behaviour.

People in addiction treatment more likely to smoke

People undergoing treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction around the world use tobacco at two to three times the rate of people who are not being treated for addiction, finds a 20-country study.

Children of smoking parents likely to be smokers

 Teenagers are much more likely to smoke and be dependent on nicotine if either parent is dependent on nicotine, says a new study.

Beware! Smoking can make you diabetic

 Smoking cigarettes or breathing in second-hand tobacco smoke significantly increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes, warns a new study.

To keep your teenager from smoking, kick the butt yourself

Smokers, you may want to kick that habit if you don`t want your kids to smoke as a recent study showed that the more a parent smokes, the more their teenage son or daughter will also smoke.

Active, passive smokers have higher diabetes risk

As per a recent study, active and passive smokers have a significantly higher type 2 diabetes risk than people who have never smoked.

Smokers at increased risk of tooth loss

Regular and heavy smokers have a significantly increased risk of tooth loss, warns a study.

Why some smokers don't get cancer

Researchers have identified a set of genetic markers that help even smokers live longer and protect them from deadly diseases such as cancer.

A step closer to treating severe asthma

A major European study has helped identify key characteristics of severe asthma which will help with the development of new treatment for patients with the condition.

Here`s why smoking doesn't always shorten life

A new study has shown that smoking doesn`t always mean a shortened life span or cancer.

Youngsters believe hookahs, e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes

A new study has suggested that young adults under 25 believe hookah and e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, when compared to 25 to 34-year-olds.

E-cigarette vapor can reduce cough reflex sensitivity

A new study has claimed that single use of an e-cigarette can diminish the sensitivity of cough reflex.

E-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco: UK study

Electronic cigarettes are around 95 percent less harmful than tobacco and should be promoted as a tool to help smokers quit, a study by an agency of Britain`s Department of Health said on Wednesday.

Heavy smokers gain more weight after quitting

 Heavy smokers are likely to gain more weight after quitting than light to moderate smokers, says a new study.

Researches claim low nicotine cigarettes may not curb smoking

The FDA might have thought that low nicotine content cigarettes might function as a measure to make cigarettes non-addictive but a recent study conducted on the same shows opposite results.

Low nicotine cigarettes may not curb smoking

Simply reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes may not be enough to make smokers kick the habit, shows new research.

Smokers likelier to develop schizophrenia, claims study

Warning for Smokers! A new study has suggested that smoking could play a direct role in the development of schizophrenia, and cigarette lovers were likelier to develop the disorder and at a younger age.

Canadian court orders tobacco firms to pay for damages

 A Canadian judge has ordered three major cigarette companies to pay $12 billion to smokers in what is believed to be the biggest class-action lawsuit ever seen in the country, said a media report.

Canada court orders tobacco firms to pay smokers USD 12.4 bn

A Canadian court has ordered tobacco firms to pay USD 12.4 billion to smokers in Quebec province who claimed they were never warned about the health risks associated with smoking.