Hundreds of refugees cross back into Syria from Turkey: Witnesses
Hundreds of refugees cross back into Syria from Turkey: Witnesses

 Hundreds of Syrian refugees who had fled into Turkey crossed back on Monday, witnesses said, as a border gate reopened a few days after Islamic State militants were ousted from the frontier town of Tel Abyad forces by Syrian Kurds.

Britain says will take in hundreds more women and children from Syria

Britain will take in "several hundred more" vulnerable Syrian refugees, a government source said on Friday, after Prime Minister David Cameron said London was expanding a resettlement programme for the conflict-ravaged country. 

Security concerns limit Syrian refugees coming to US
Security concerns limit Syrian refugees coming to US

While the exodus from Syria has become the world`s biggest refugee crisis, the United States is being criticized by relief organizations and some within President Barack Obama`s Democratic Party for allowing only a limited flow into America.

Israel mulling hosting Syrian refugees

 Israel is considering the possibility of hosting refugees from Syria, particularly from neighbouring Druze villages, even though it is technically at war with that country, media reported on Wednesday.

'Jordan stranding hundreds of Syria refugees in desert'

 Human Rights Watch accused Jordan Wednesday of leaving hundreds of Syrian refugees stranded in the desert along its border with little access to aid after closing informal frontier crossings.

UN Security Council urges help for Lebanon`s Syrian refugees

The UN Security Council called on the international community Thursday to help Lebanon in its efforts to host more than a million refugees from neighboring Syria.

Syria refugee children depict joy, pain in photos

The photos on display at a Beirut theatre show Syrian refugees chopping wood, getting married, and playing in a Lebanese field. They are the work not of professionals, but Syrian refugee children.

Disaster avoided as ship stopped off Italy with 900 aboard

Italy's coastguard said on Wednesday it had narrowly averted another high seas disaster by intercepting a freighter that was on a collision course with the country's rocky shoreline with more than 900 Syrian refugees on board.

Countries vow to resettle more than 100,000 Syrian refugees: UN

Countries have more than doubled the number of Syrian refugees they are willing to resettle to over 100,000, the head of the UN refugee agency said Tuesday.

Aid groups urge nations to take in 180,000 Syrian refugees

 More than 30 humanitarian organisations launched an appeal on Monday for countries to take in around 180,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict.

UN wants countries to take in 180,000 Syrian refugees

More than 30 humanitarian organisations on Monday launched an appeal for countries to take in around 180,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict.

UN campaign seeks USD 64 million for Syrian refugees

The World Food Program is launching a 72-hour campaign to raise USD 1 contributions from 64 million people around the world so it can restore food vouchers to 1.7 million Syrian refugees who won't be getting any UN help in December.

WFP suspends food aid for 1.7 mn Syrian refugees

A lack of funds has forced the UN World Food Programme to stop providing food vouchers for 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, the agency said on Monday.

Rescued Syria refugees living in Cyprus limbo

Amr spent three days and nights adrift in the Mediterranean, battered by a storm in a fishing boat crammed with hundreds more Syrian refugees who thought they were going to die.

Swedish bus driver sacked for refusing black passengers

A Swedish bus driver has been sacked for forcing black people off her bus, a local official said Wednesday, highlighting lingering xenophobia in a country traditionally known for tolerance.

Over 7,300 Syrians fled Kobane since September: UN

The arrival of nearly 1,500 refugees from Syria's Kobane Tuesday due to the Islamic State (IS) militants' attacks brought the total number of people to flee the northern Syrian town to Iraq to 7,318 since late September, a UN spokesman said here Wednesday.

Syria refugees disembark from cruise liner in Cyprus

Hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees rescued by a cruise liner in the Mediterranean disembarked in Cyprus on Friday, after hours of refusing to budge and demanding to go to Italy.

Turkey struggles with spillover as Syrian Kurds battle ISIS
Turkey struggles with spillover as Syrian Kurds battle ISIS

Syrian Kurds battled to defend a key border town from an Islamic State advance on Monday as Kurdish youths from neighbouring Turkey rushed to their aid, heightening the pressure on Ankara to act against the Islamist insurgents.

Syrian refugees fleeing from ISIS to Turkey hits 100,000

The 19-year-old Kurdish militant, who has been fighting the Islamic State group in Syria, has brought his family across the border into Turkey to safety. But in the tranquillity of a Turkish tea garden just miles from the frontier, Dalil Boras vowed to head back after nightfall to continue the fight.

Lebanon arrests 'prankster' for threatening to behead children

Lebanese police have arrested a man who staged a sick prank by filming himself threatening to behead three Syrian refugee children left in his care, a security official said on Saturday.