Rob Kardashian `agrees to go to rehab`

Rob Kardashian has reportedly agree d to go for a rehab treatment to get over his substance abuse issues.

African migrants protest Israeli treatment

About 1,000 African migrants have marched out of an Israeli detention centre in protest at their treatment and are camped out by the border after Israel`s army prevented them from crossing into Egypt, migrant activists said today.

Spine function test to make back pain treatment easier

At some point of time every person suffers from back pain in their lives. To measure the functioning of the spine, researchers have developed a digital test.

US Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl returns home for more treatment

Two weeks after being traded for five high-profile Taliban militants, US Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is back on American soil.

Why most doctors wish to die `in peace`

Unlike what they actually practice - pursuing aggressive, life-prolonging treatment for terminally-ill patients - most physicians would like to forego it for themselves, a new study reveals.

Biodegradable battery that dissolves inside the body

This is about a device that can monitor tissues or deliver treatments inside the body before being reabsorbed after use.

Immune cell therapy may revolutionize leukemia treatment

Researchers, who conducted study of patients with advanced leukemia, have found that 88% achieved complete remissions after being treated with genetically modified versions of their own immune cells.

Kids exposed to passive smoke respond less to asthma treatment

A new study has found that children exposed to cigarette smoke at home have lower levels of an enzyme that helps them respond to asthma treatment.

Genetic function that could pave way for cancer therapies discovered

A team of researchers has discovered a genetic function that helps one of the most important "tumour suppressor" genes to do its job and prevent cancer.

Many challenges remain to treat childhood cancer

In a most comprehensive study to date, scientists have found that despite advances in the treatment of childhood cancer, there has been less progress made in understanding the causes and prevention of childhood and adolescent cancers.

Autoinflammatory diseases treatment comes closer to reality

Researchers have discovered a new signalling pathway in sterile inflammation that could impact the treatment of diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Adhering to medicine key for heart attack survivors

For heart attack survivors, sticking to prescribed medication is critical to avoid another heart attack.

People more likely to quit smoking when celebs promote cancer screening

While the start of a new year looks like a promising way to start off on a clean slate by quitting bad habits, it may not be as much of a powerful motivator as the motivation of a celebrity.

New stem cell breakthrough brings gastrointestinal disorders cure closer to reality

Researches have successfully grown extensive numbers of intestinal stem cells and then coax them to develop into different types of mature intestinal cells.

Drinking milk can cause complications in kidney patients

Patients undergoing dialysis need to be extremely careful with the kind of food they eat.

New effort launched to personalize medicine in heart treatment

Cardiologists are taking aim at treating and preventing heart disease, the world`s No. 1 killer, with a more personalized approach under a new research collaboration.

747 new leprosy cases in NE region, Centre worried

The Centre has expressed concern at re-emergence of leprosy cases in certain pockets of the eighth North Eastern states which have reported 747 new cases.

How anxiety disorders treatment helps overcome fear

During exposure therapy, an effective and common treatment for anxiety disorders, the patient confronts a fear or memory of a traumatic event in a safe environment that leads to a gradual loss of fear.

Gradual heart attack pain means bigger treatment delay

Sudden tightness in your chest? Shooting pain down your left arm? Everyone knows that could be a heart attack. But what if symptoms aren`t so sudden?

New, cheaper dialysis system expected by 2016

A private hospital Wednesday announced that it would be able to produce a new and cheaper method of haemodialysis in India to help chronic kidney patients.