Uruguay denies cold feet on taking Guantanamo detainees

Uruguay denied Monday that it had delayed taking in six detainees from the US military prison at Guantanamo, saying no date for the transfer had been set yet.

US to send 6 Guantanamo detainees to Uruguay: official

The United States plans to transfer six Guantanamo detainees to Uruguay early next month, an Obama administration official has said.

Two injured in fan clashes at Rio de Janeiro`s Maracana Stadium

World Cup organizers say two people were treated for injuries after fights involving fans from Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay at Maracana Stadium.

Uruguay to receive 120 Syrian refugees

Some 120 refugees from war-torn Syria are due to begin arriving in Uruguay in the coming weeks, officials here said on Tuesday.

Pope to legalising recreational drugs: Just say no

Pope Francis condemned the legalisation of recreational drugs as a flawed and failed experiment today, lending his voice to a debate which is raging from the US to Uruguay and beyond.

Business group fights Uruguay`s marijuana rules

A business group in Uruguay, the first country to legalize the production and sale of marijuana, is challenging a decree barring employers from punishing employees who come to work high.

Uruguay`s president signs marijuana legalization rules

Uruguay`s President Jose Mujica on Tuesday signed off on regulations for his country`s landmark legalization of its marijuana market.

One year after legalisation, 6,676 abortions in Uruguay

Tiny Uruguay, one of the few Latin American countries to have legalised abortion, saw 6,676 procedures in its first year allowing the practise, authorities said.

Uruguay economy minister resigns over airline scandal

Uruguay`s economy minister has resigned as he faces a probe over the 2012 collapse of national airline Pluna, a scandal that has tainted President Jose Mujica`s administration.

Uruguay leader hopes to adopt `30 or 40 poor children`

The 78-year-old leader said he envisions putting his plan into place when he steps down as president, a position he has served in since 2010.

Uruguay becomes first nation to legalise marijuana

The law, conceived in an attempt to tackle the illegal drugs trade, was approved by a vote of 16 to 13, with the ruling Broad Front Party united in its favour, reported Xinhua.

Uruguay to pull peacekeepers from Haiti: President

Uruguay`s President Jose Mujica has said he plans to withdraw his country`s peacekeeping troops from Haiti because of the lack of democratic progress there.

Two new spider species discovered in Uruguay

Scientists have discovered two new species of spiders with strange living habits in Uruguay.

Uruguay first nation to run legal marijuana market

Uruguay is poised to make history as the first government to run a legal marijuana market.

In a first, gay couple registers to wed in Uruguay

A gay couple registered to marry in Uruguay on Monday, a landmark step since the country became the second in Latin America to recognize same sex unions.

Uruguay`s lower house approves controversial marijuana bill

Uruguay`s lower house approved a controversial bill which for the first time would put a government in charge of production and distribution of legal marijuana.

Uruguay voters scuttle referendum on abortion law

A national vote on whether to call a referendum to repeal Uruguay`s law legalizing abortion failed to garner enough support, according to results.

Uruguay President apologises for Fernandez `old hag` quip

Uruguay`s President Jose Mujica has apologised for apparently referring to Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as an `old hag`.

Lawmakers in Uruguay vote to decriminalise abortio

The lower house approved the legislation earlier and President Jose Mujica has signaled that he will not veto it.

Brazil protests counter military coup celebration

Unlike Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, Brazil has never had a formal investigation into human rights abuses during its 1964-85 dictatorship.