US government ends research on all chimpanzees
US government ends research on all chimpanzees

Chimpanzees will no longer be used for US government research and the remaining 50 chimps in federal custody will be sent to a sanctuary for retirement, health authorities said on Thursday.

Oil prices sink on US energy report

In London late afternoon trade, Brent North Sea crude for December slid USD 1.59 to stand at USD 48.95 per barrel.

India lowers exposure to US government bonds
India lowers exposure to US government bonds

India further trimmed its holdings of the US government securities to USD 115.6 billion in August amid continuing global economic uncertainties.

Under attack, Planned Parenthood defends fetal tissue research

A major women's health and family planning group at the eye of a conservative-led storm threatening to shut down the US government defended its controversial fetal tissue research today.

Microsoft urges US court to block warrant for emails held abroad

 Microsoft Corp asked a federal appeals court on Wednesday to block the U.S. government from forcing the company to hand over a customer`s emails stored on an Irish server, warning that the precedent would create a "global free-for-all" that eviscerates personal privacy.

Infosys says cleared in US visa probe by Labor Department
Infosys says cleared in US visa probe by Labor Department

"Infosys fully cooperated with the (Department of Labor) in this activity," the company told Reuters in a statement, noting the company was confident from the start that it had complied with US immigration laws.

US govt finds no violations in H1-B visa case: Infosys
US govt finds no violations in H1-B visa case: Infosys

Infosys fully cooperated with DOL in its investigation, and over 145 files were reviewed, with no violations found, it added.

As Europe handles waves of Syrian refugees, US is slow to help

As Europe grapples with a flood of refugees from the Syrian war and the pope urges Catholics to help them, the U.S. government may lack the political appetite to offer American soil as a safe haven to more than the current trickle of Syrians.

Millions hit by US personal data hack still have not been told

The U.S government has not yet notified any of the 21.5 million federal employees and contractors whose security clearance data was hacked more than three months ago, officials acknowledged on Tuesday.

US allows Shell to drill for oil in Arctic Ocean off Alaska

The US government today gave Royal Dutch Shell the final permit it needs to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska's northwest coast for the first time in more than two decades.

US grants 86% H-1B visas to Indians: Study

Most of the H-1B visas granted by the US government for workers in computer jobs are for people from India, according to new data.

US grants 86% H-1B visas to Indians: Study

Almost 86 percent of the H-1B visas that the US granted for computer jobs went to Indian workers, a Computerworld analysis analysis of government data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request shows.

Fugitive drug lord 'Chapo' Guzman likely still in Mexico: US DEA chief

The U.S. government believes fugitive Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is still in Mexico, and federal agents are working with Mexican authorities on his recapture, the acting head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said on Wednesday.

Blacklisted Singapore shipping firm denies arms link to North Korea

A Singapore shipping firm blacklisted by the US government for allegedly supporting illicit arms shipments into North Korea strongly denied the allegation Friday and vowed to clear its name.

Disney ABC TV reverses plans to outsource IT jobs

Amid reports of a US government probe of two top Indian IT companies for possible violations of H-1B visa rules, Disney ABC TV has cancelled plans to outsource IT jobs, according to a media report

US opens probe against TCS, Infosys for H1-B visa violations

The US government has opened an investigation against two of the biggest Indian outsourcing companies for possible violations of H1-B visa rules, according to a media report.

Data hacked from US government dates back to 1985: Official

Data stolen from U.S. government computers by suspected Chinese hackers included security clearance information and background checks dating back three decades, U.S. officials said on Friday, underlining the scope of one of the largest known cyber attacks on federal networks.

US says data on 4 million government staff hacked

The US government on Thursday admitted hackers accessed the personal data of at least four million current and former federal employees, in a vast cyber-attack suspected to have originated in China.

Former US govt employee `tried to sell nuclear secrets`

 A former Department of Energy employee has been indicted after attempting to hack agency computers to steal and then sell nuclear secrets to Iran, China and Venezuela, US officials said Friday.

Inflight entertainment exposes airliners to hackers: US report

Hackers could exploit inflight entertainment systems to fatally sabotage the cockpit electronics of a new generation of airliners connected to the Internet, a US government report warns.