Arab air strikes cripple Yemen`s main airport

Arab coalition warplanes targeting Iran-backed rebels have hit the runway at the Yemen capital`s international airport, taking it out of service, an aviation source said Sunday.

Warplanes strike home province of Yemen's Houthis: Sources

Warplanes attacked two districts in the northern home province of Yemen`s rebel Houthi movement around dawn on Friday, tribal sources said, a day after a Saudi-led coalition began air strikes in support of Yemen President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Libyan pro-government warplanes launch strikes near Tripoli

Libyan pro-government forces said they had targeted a weapons depot belonging to an Islamist-backed militia, as peace talks continued in Morocco and a UN special envoy met both sides late Monday.

From AK47s to drones, Afghans `war rugs` reflect bloody decades

More than three decades of war have damaged Afghanistan`s once-thriving carpet industry, but weavers are tapping into the bloody past to boost their fortunes with "war rugs" depicting guns, tanks and warplanes.

US-led warplanes target jihadist oil pipeline in Syria

US and coalition aircraft targeted a crude oil pipeline and collection depots in Syria held by Islamic State jihadists, the American military said, in the latest bid to undercut the group's oil smuggling.

Syrian Army planes bomb northern town killing 21: Monitor

 At least 21 people were killed and around 100 wounded after Syrian army planes bombed a town in northern Syria that is controlled by Islamic State militants, a group monitoring the war said on Sunday.

Warplanes seized by IS destroyed, claims Syrian government

 The Syrian government has claimed that its army has destroyed two warplanes in the hands of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, the official news agency SANA reported Wednesday.

US hits IS with 14 air strikes near Syria border town

 US warplanes struck 14 times near Kobane into Thursday, hammering the Islamic State jihadists besieging the key Syrian border town, the American military said.

US, Saudi warplanes target Islamic State jihadists around Syria border
US, Saudi warplanes target Islamic State jihadists around Syria border

US and Saudi warplanes carried out eight air strikes in Syria on Monday, mainly targeting Islamic State jihadists fighting for a key border town, the US military said.

Syrian airstrikes target Islamic State group

Syrian government warplanes pounded an Islamic State group stronghold as well as other towns controlled by the jihadis on Sunday, conducting more than a dozen airstrikes and killing at least 11 people, activists said.

Syrian warplanes strike eastern city, killing 12

Syrian government warplanes today struck an eastern city that is a stronghold of an Islamic militant group, killing at least 12 people, opposition activists said.

Syrian army pounds rebels in Assad`s home province

Syrian government forces backed by militia fighters and warplanes pounded rebel units in Latakia province on Monday in a desperate effort to regain control of towns and villages in President Bashar Assad`s ancestral homeland recently lost to an opposition offensive.

Syria warplanes hit Yabrud near Damascus: Activists

Syrian warplanes carried out 20 air strikes against the strategic rebel-held Yabrud area near Damascus Thursday, as the army escalated a campaign there, activists and a monitoring group said.

Warplanes strike rebel area near Damascus: Monitor

Syria`s air force struck Sbeineh south of Damascus on Saturday, as loyalists pressed a fierce bid to crush rebel bastions around the capital, a monitoring group said.

Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon: Official

Israeli warplanes flew over southern Lebanon on Friday, two days after an airstrike near Damascus, as Syria`s army chief of staff warned against testing his country`s capabilities.

Syria clashes: Warplanes shell Damascus suburbs

The Syrian govt launched fresh offensive against rebels as warplanes reportedly shelled Damascus suburbs and the rebel-held northern areas.

Battle for Aleppo will decide fate of Syria: Assad

Assad motivated his military to step up their offensive against “a multi-faceted enemy with clear goals.”

Sudan warplanes launch first attack on S Sudan

Sudanese warplanes launched their first attack on a major South Sudanese town, with five
bombs dropped on the capital.

NATO warplanes hit Libyan capital `command centre`

NATO-led warplanes struck the
Libyan capital early on Saturday.

Libyan warplanes strike rebels at oil port

Libyan warplanes launched five new airstrikes Tuesday near rebel positions.