Nagaland bans import of poultry from Manipur

Nagaland government Friday imposed a ban on import of poultry and poultry products from Manipur in the wake of reports of bird flu in the neighbouring state.

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher mock chicken stealing claim from 'ex-friend'
Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher mock chicken stealing claim from 'ex-friend'

 Mila Kunis and hubby Ashton Kutcher have laughed off the claims that the actress stole a chicken 25 years ago from her "best friend" in Ukraine.

Mila Kunis sued for stealing pet 'chicken' 25 years ago
Mila Kunis sued for stealing pet 'chicken' 25 years ago

 Mila Kunis is facing a lawsuit filed by her "Ukrainian friend" for stealing a chicken 25 years ago.

Avian influenza: Six key facts about bird flu!

Avian influenza is a viral infection which spreads from bird to bird, caused by a group of influenza A virus that includes different sub-types.

IS militants set ablaze boxes of chicken sent by US for starving Syrians

The Islamic State (IS) militants have destroyed boxes of chicken, meant for starving Syrian children, by setting them ablaze.

India to become fourth largest consumer of antibiotic-laced chicken by 2030: Study

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: All you chicken lovers, this news is for you! When you gorge on the sumptuous butter chicken or chicken tandoori, did you know that you are consuming a whole lot of antibiotics along with it?

Antibiotics in chicken: How safe is the meat you consume?

How safe is the chicken that you consume? According to a new study,American researchers predict that by 2030 Indians will be consuming 4,743 tonnes of chicken reared on strong doses of antibiotics. .

Of 'Shab Deg', home-reared roosters and grandma's magic
Of 'Shab Deg', home-reared roosters and grandma's magic

Hardly anyone among the younger generation of Kashmiris would know what is a 'Shab Deg' and yet the mere mention of the word triggers nostalgia and tickles the taste buds of middle and elderly people even today.

KFC's Australian liquor plan criticised

A new Australian restaurant outlet being planned by international giant KFC on Monday attracted strong criticism after applying for a licence to serve alcohol.

Bird flu alert in UP: Import of poultry products banned

Following reports of a bird flu case in Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh banned the import of chicken, eggs and all forms of poultry from other states, an official said Monday.

KFC gets hotter with Assam hot chillies

KFC is now hotter and spicier! After playing with various chillies, the quick service restaurant has now introduced an option with one of the hottest naturally grown chillies called Bhut Jolokia from Assam.

Eating chicken, fish can reduce liver cancer risk

 A new study has revealed that eating chicken and fish can significantly reduce liver cancer risk in people.

Poultry industry misleading people: CSE

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Thursday rubbished claims made by the poultry industry that antibiotic residues found in Indian chicken were lower than the EU standard and accused it of "misleading" the people.