Smartphones and internet may give you 'digital amnesia'

People are using smartphones and the internet as an extension of their memory which may lead to 'digital amnesia', a new survey suggests.

Camera Day: Celebrate the art of photography and go click-happy!
Camera Day: Celebrate the art of photography and go click-happy!

Ritu Singh

“People say that a time machine can’t be invented, but they’ve already invented a device that can stop time, cameras are the world’s first time machines.” 

Go vegan to keep memory loss at bay

A new study has suggested that eating green leafy vegetables can help keep mental abilities sharp.

Memory, thinking tests may hint at Alzheimer's 18 yrs before diagnosis

As per a new study, errors on memory and thinking tests may signal Alzheimer's up to 18 years before the disease can be diagnosed.

Good liars have better thinking skills: Study

Children who are good at lying have better verbal working memory and thinking skills, a new study has found for the first time.

How Yoga can help you ward off diseases?

Yoga be a cure for a lot of diseases. Incorportate yoga in your life for a healthy mind and body.

Fond memories can help you overcome depression

Revealing the curative power of memory, scientists have established that artificial reactivation of memories stored during a positive experience can suppress the effects of stress-induced depression.

Here's how sleep affects memory

 A new study has integrated neuroscience and psychological research to reveal how sleep is more complex than previously imagined.

Why we can't recall the exact colour we saw

 Do you know that although we can see millions of colours, but can remember only the few basic ones?

Sleep aids memory even after concussion

 Sleep helps memory consolidation even in individuals who sustain mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as concussion, new research has found.

Stroke steals eight years of brain function

Having a stroke ages a person's brain function by almost eight years, robbing them of memory and thinking speed, new research says.

Old-age memory loss lower than previously believed

As per a new research, memory loss among the elderly is lower than what was originally thought.

Why women are better at remembering tasks-to-do

Now is the time to finally listen to your wife as women are better than men at remembering things to do, a new study finds.

China's new Alzheimer's drug applies for clinical tests

China will begin clinical tests on a new drug for Alzheimer's disease, after animal tests showed positive results, state media reported Sunday.

Memories influence our choice of food: Study

The stronger our memory is of a certain food, the more likely we are to choose it - even if it is the more unattractive option, according to a new study.

Teen binge drinking has 'long-lasting' impact on memory, learning skills

A team of researchers has found that repeated alcohol exposure during adolescence results in long-lasting changes in the region of the brain that controls learning and memory.

Challenging work tasks sharpen brain

If your job requires more speaking, developing strategies, conflict resolution and managerial tasks, you may be better protected against memory and thinking decline in old age than your co-workers, says a study.

Alcohol has lasting impact on memory in teenagers

Drinking alcohol heavily during adolescence results in long-lasting changes in parts of the brain that control learning and memory, says a study.

Extra sleep may help restore memory

An extra three to four hours of sleep daily over as little as two days has been found to restore memories in fruit flies with Alzheimer's-like condition.

Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive functions

Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive functions among patients even before the initiation of chemotherapy, finds a new study.