Air pollution can hamper your kids' memory
Air pollution can hamper your kids' memory

Admitting your kids to schools located near busy roads or in areas with high levels of air pollution could hamper their intellectual development, new research suggests.

Eating late at night bad for your brain

Be warned if you have a strong urge to eat late at night for a new study shows that this could be bad for your brain.

This is how brain performs 'mental time travel'
This is how brain performs 'mental time travel'

Scientists have explained how our brain performs, what neuroscientists have termed as "mental time travel."

Longevity protein protects memory in Alzheimer's

A life-extending protein may protect against learning and memory deficits in Alzheimer's disease, scientists say.

Smoking thins vital part of brain: Study

Long-term smoking could cause thinning of the outer layer of the brain involved in critical cognitive functions such as memory and language, a major new study has found.

This natural antidepressant protein can help sustain sound mind, strong heart

A protein, called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), already known to act as a natural antidepressant, can help sustain sound mind and strong heart.

New 'feel-good pill' to keep you 'young' as you get older

A team of researchers has designed a feel-good pill to target metabolic repair and optimization.

80-year-old superagers have sharp memories

Superagers - people who are aged 80 and above - have memories that are as sharp as those of healthy people, finds a research.

Negative stereotyping affects memory, cognitive performance of older people

A new study has recently revealed that negative stereotyping affects memory and cognitive performance of older people.

'Virtual reality therapy improving lives of stroke survivors'

Stroke survivors might soon be able to go online to find a system to help improve their memories with virtual reality technology developed by New Zealand scientists.

How sleep and memory go hand-in-hand

Finding a new co-relationship between sleep and memory, a new study on flies has discovered that sleep, memory and learning are deeply connected.

Better sleep in youth may aid memory in old age

Sound sleep in young and middle-aged people helps memory and learning, new research claims.

Day napping in middle age boosts memory

 By the time people reach middle age, more sleep during the day such as an afternoon nap helps the memory and protects against its decline as long as they night-time sleep is not skipped, a study has found.Sound sleep in young and middle-aged people helps memory and learning.

New genes involved in long-term memory revealed

A new study has shed light on a genome and has revealed new genes that are involved in forming long-term memories.

Emotional events can bolster past memories

 A new study has found that our memories can not only travel back in time to retrieve events from the past but can also update past memories with important new information or details.

Eating walnuts daily boosts memory

Eating less than a handful of walnuts daily as a snack or as a part of a meal can sharpen your memory, says a study.

Scientists identify new 'fear controlling' neural circuit in brain

Scientists have discovered a new pathway in the brain of a mouse, that controls fear, memory and behaviour.

False memory trap: Innocent people can be 'convinced' they committed crime

A new study has revealed that people can be easily convinced that they committed a crime that never happened.

Close your eyes for better memory recall

Researchers from the University of Surrey, Britain, have found evidence to suggest that eyewitnesses to crimes remember more accurate details when they close their eyes.

Depression, behavioural changes maybe precursors to Alzheimer's

A new research has said that depression and behavioral changes may precede the memory declines in people who later develop Alzheimer's disease.