Pollution closes more beaches in California

A four-mile stretch of coastline south of Los Angeles was closed Thursday as workers cleared up tar balls from beaches, in the latest such shutdown in the last few weeks, officials said.

Cleaning California oil spill could take months

It could take months to clean up the estimated 105,000 gallons of crude oil spilled on Tuesday from a pipeline rupture on the Californian coast of Santa Barbara, according to the US Coast Guard.

Train derailment in US causes massive explosion, oil spill

 A train carrying crude oil derailed in the US state of West Virginia Monday, causing a massive explosion and an oil spill, as a state of emergency was declared in two counties of the state, media reported.

UN asks Israel to pay Lebanon $856 million for oil spill

 Israel was asked by the UN General Assembly on Friday to compensate Lebanon for $856.4 million in oil spill damages it caused during its 2006 war with Hezbollah.

Bangladesh tries to prevent ecological disaster after oil spill

Hundreds of people Monday were hoping to avoid a major ecological disaster in Bangladesh by cleaning up by hand some of the 350,000 litres of oil spilled from a tanker that sank in the Sunderbans delta, the world's largest mangrove reserve and one of the planet's most fragile ecosystems.

Dead dolphin spotted in Bangladesh's oil spilled river
Dead dolphin spotted in Bangladesh's oil spilled river

First dead dolphin was spotted in the Harinatana-Tambulbunia channel of Shela river in Bangladesh on Saturday, after the massive oil spill earlier this week.

Bangladesh launches manual campaign to clean up oil spill

Bangladesh launched an intensified manual campaign on Saturday to clean up seepage following a huge oil spill in 34,000 hectares at the Sunderbans that threatened the world's largest mangrove forest.

Bangladesh use sponges to clean oil spill threatening dolphins

Bangladeshi villagers using sponges, shovels and even spoons worked on Friday to clean up a huge oil spill in a protected area that is home to rare dolphins, after environmentalists warned of an ecological "catastrophe".

Oil spill in Tripura river, water treatment plants shut

An oil spill at a hydel project in Tripura has forced the authorities to shut down many water treatment plants, causing a serious drinking water crisis, an official said here Thursday.

Oil spill Israel's 'biggest ecological disaster': Expert

A pipeline leak in southern Israel last week has caused the country's biggest environmental disaster, an energy expert said Monday, after estimates of the size of the spillage were raised.

Oil spill in Israel sparks environmental disaster

An oil spill flooded overnight a desert nature reserve in southern Israel, causing "one of the worst" ecological disasters in Israel, officials and media said Thursday.

Company blamed for West Virginia spill seeks bankruptcy

The company blamed for a chemical spill that left 300,000 West Virginians without safe drinking water has filed for bankruptcy.

China holds drill to test response to oil spill

China held its first national oil spill drill near the southern coast Monday to test how prepared the country was in the event of a severe marine pollution incident.

Half million litres of oil spill in Manila Bay

Half a million litres of diesel leaked into Manila Bay, the busiest waterway in Northern Philippines, raising environmental and health concerns, the media reported Friday.

Forty vessels stranded off Indian coast: Natarajan

About 40 vessels are apparently stranded off Indian coasts, Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said here on Thursday.

Merchant vessel splits into two off Mumbai coast; crew rescued

A Singapore-bound merchant vessel from Jeddah split into two around 840 nautical miles off the coast in Mumbai.

Oil spill off Mumbai coast, Qatar-based co be made party: NGT

The National Green Tribunal has directed a Qatar-based shipping enterprise to be made a party in the case of oil spill caused after a cargo vessel sank off coast of Mumbai in 2011.

Half the world`s oil spills happen in Russia: Greenpeace

More than 20,000 oil spills, or half the world`s annual total, take place in Russia, a senior official of the country`s branch of Greenpeace has said.

Oil spill in 100 acres farmland after pipeline crack

A pipeline carrying crude oil for refining developed cracks and spilt oil in about 100 acres of farmland in a village in the district.

Bugs ate 200,000 tonnes of oil spill: Study

Hydrocarbon-eating bugs in the Gulf of Mexico cleared over a period of five months at least 200,000 tonnes of oil and natural gas that had spewed into the water body from a ruptured 2010 deepwater well, say US researchers.