Why is Salman Khan in pain?
Why is Salman Khan in pain?

Superstar Salman Khan rules the hearts of his fans. The 'dabangg' actor will soon be seen on reality television show 'Bigg Boss 9'. Besides this, the actor is also busy training for his next film 'Sultan'.

Plug into music you like for early recovery from surgery, says UK study

A new study suggests that listening to music before, during and after surgery could reduce pain and anxiety.

Listening to music during surgery reduces pain, anxiety

Listening to music before, during and after surgery reduces people's pain, anxiety and need for painkillers, according to the most comprehensive review of available evidence so far.

Even a placebo can ease pain

 Even a placebo with no medical value can ease pain in research participants, finds a study.

Soon, deliver drugs to brain via remote control

A team of researchers has developed a tiny wireless device that, once implanted in the brain, can be activated by remote control to deliver targeted drugs.

Killer sea snail venom may yield new cancer drugs

Scientists have discovered thousands of toxins hidden deep within the venom of a sea cone snail in Queensland, which may help develop new drugs to treat pain, cancer and other diseases.

New hope for 'migraine' cure

Now you may soon find relief from migraine headaches as a new class of drugs is in the works to cure the pain.

Sex does not hurt your back: Study

Could sexual activity trigger lower back pain? No, says a new study that lays the greater blame on heavy lifting.

How 'Botox' may offer new effective nerve pain therapy

A new study has revealed that botulinum toxin can offer an effective new treatment for two forms of neuropathy, pain caused by different types of nerve injury.

Alzheimer's patients more sensitive to pain: Study

People with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of cognitive impairment (CI) may be more sensitive to pain, says a study.

New 'pain sensing' gene identified

Examining rare individuals who are born unable to feel pain, an international team of researchers has identified a gene essential to make our brains sensitive to pain.

Pain response can be 'shaped' subconsciously

A new study has revealed that subconscious learning can shape pain responses.

New device to block pain signals from reaching brain!
New device to block pain signals from reaching brain!

In a big relief to chronic pain sufferers, researchers have created a new device that can stop pain signals from reaching the brain.

Laparoscopic surgery helps doctor cure colon cancer

 A 27-year-old medical student, diagnosed with colon cancer, successfully underwent a laparoscopic surgery at a hospital here.

Brain chemical that can help reverse chronic pain

A chemical in the brain typically associated with cognition, as well as regulating movement and emotion, among others, may help reverse chronic pain, new research has found.

Insomnia tied to lower pain tolerance

People suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems have increased sensitivity to pain, a new research, involving over 10,000 adults, has found.

Babies and adults feel pain alike

In the world's first study, which used MRI used to analyze infant pain, scientists have found that babies' feel pain just like adults.

Babies feel pain just like adults: Study

When exposed to pain, the brain of babies "lights up" in a very way similar to adults', a pioneering Oxford University brain scanning study has found.

Gadget addiction leaving half of under-30s with back aches, neck strains

A recent survey has revealed that now-a-days half of under-30s suffer from backaches as they spend hours slouching over gadgets.

Cholesterol drug may fight depression, relieve pain

If you want the benefits of medical marijuana without the "unwanted side effects" of cannabis, here is a piece of news for you.