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Now, pizza to be delivered at your train seat

Now, a train passenger can also order and enjoy hot pizza at his or her seat while travelling.

'Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar' cast loves pizza

There's one thing that binds the cast of TV show “Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar” together -- their love for pizza. 

"The actors along with the crew are often seen enjoying pizza whenever possible," said a source. 

This machine called 'Foodini' will print out pizzas, burgers for dinner
This machine called 'Foodini' will print out pizzas, burgers for dinner

Now, you can just print out your favorite dishes like spaghetti, burgers and pizzas, with help of a new 3D printer machine called Foodini.

In 17 years, fast food hasn't changed
In 17 years, fast food hasn't changed

Average calories, sodium and saturated fat content is as high in fast food today as these were in 1996, says a research.

Katy Perry's b'day wish comes true
Katy Perry's b'day wish comes true

Singer Katy Perry's wish of getting her name on the Shakey's (pizza chain) signboard has come true.

Why our brain picks pizza over salad

Scientists have revealed why does our brain makes us go for junk food over healthy meals.

Bangalore frontrunner in ordering food between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.: Survey
Bangalore frontrunner in ordering food between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.: Survey

If one goes by a survey, Bangalore is the frontrunner in placing food orders post lunch and before dinner.

A fan of pizza? Now, eat your way through Chicago

In a city famous for its deep-dish pizza tourists wouldn't know that the locals more often eat a thinner-crust, tavern-style pie topped with homemade Italian sausage and cut into squares, not slices- unless they went on a pizza tour

Britain falls out of love with chicken tikka masala

After topping the chart for Britain's favourite dish for over a decade it seems the popularity of chicken tikka masala has finally taken a hit.

Aarya Babbar will miss 'sex and pizza' while in Bigg Boss house
Aarya Babbar will miss 'sex and pizza' while in Bigg Boss house

Season eight of the Bigg Boss show was back on television and the opening night on Sunday saw with twelve contestants being unveiled. Apart from this there the show also tagged three more contestants to the secret society of Bigg Boss.

Coffee and Pizza: A Slice of Life in Troubled Libya

In corners of Tripoli unaffected by militia violence gripping the capital, Libyans sip espresso and eat pizza defiantly, as the sound of gunfire echoes in the distance.

Fatty food may lead to loss of smell

Stuffing yourself regularly with pizza or hamburger or any other high-fat food can put you at the risk of losing sense of smell, research warns.

I don`t have to please anyone in the industry: Akshay Oberoi

`Pizza` actor Akshay Oberoi feels newcomers from non-filmy background have an advantage over star kids as they do not have to please anyone by working in one`s film.

My debut film was not promoted well: Parvathy Omanakuttan

Former Miss India-turned-actress Parvathy Omanakuttan, recently seen in horror flick `Pizza`, says her debut film `Untitled 6` bombed at the box office as it was not promoted well.

Dipannita Sharma`s horror test

Actress Dipannita Sharma is a fan of horror films - and her friends have challenged her to watch her own supernatural thriller "Pizza" all alone.

You need guts for paranormal roles: Dipannita Sharma

Actress Dipannita Sharma, who stepped out of her comfort zone to play a ghost in "Pizza", says one needs guts to play a paranormal role because it`s challenging. She says she had to scream her lungs out for her role.

When Arunoday Singh almost axed Akshay Oberoi`s head

Things got more than a little real on the sets of forthcoming 3D suspense thriller "Pizza" when the men in the movie almost killed each other. The film`s leading man Akshay Oberoi had quite a close shave during the shooting when Arunoday Singh, hi co-star, almost chopped off his head.

Akshay Akkineni not comfortable with commercial films

Akshay Akkineni, who is making his directorial debut with supernatural thriller `Pizza`, says he is not comfortable directing the usual song and dance routine films.

`Pizza` will prove I am just not a model: Parvathy Omanakuttan

Former Miss India Parvathy Omanakuttan, who is starring in supernatural thriller `Pizza`, says the film will prove that she is more than a glamorous face.