Scotland Yard to recruit ex-terrorists to counter ISIS threat

Scotland Yard is trying out a new scheme of recruiting convicted terrorists to counter Islamic State (IS) terror propaganda in the United Kingdom.

Indian-origin man found dead in UK hotel room

An Indian-origin man believed to be a solicitor has been found dead in a hotel room in south east London.

Pakistani-origin radical preacher Anjem Choudary faces terrorism charges in UK

Prominent Pakistani-origin radical preacher Anjem Choudary and another man was on Wednesday charged by the Scotland Yard with inviting support for the dreaded Islamic State militants.

Weapons cache with 62 knives found in car boot in London

 Several weapons caches including a car boot filled with 62 knives have been seized by Scotland Yard during a crackdown on criminal gangs to tackle knife attacks on London's streets.

Scotland Yard deploys 'super recognisers' to cut crime

Scotland Yard has deployed squads of police officers and civilians with a special ability to remember criminals' faces, in an effort to cut crime in London.

Scotland Yard has no knowledge of threat to Lalit Modi

Scotland Yard, London`s metropolitan police authority, has no knowledge of any threat to Lalit Modi, the former commissioner of the Indian Premier League who has allegedly been avoiding returning to India to face interrogation by the Indian finance ministry`s Enforcement Directorate and other authorities, Raymedia reported on Friday.

Scotland Yard admits racist perception

Scotland Yard's chief has acknowledged the police force's perception as institutionally racist and accepted that more black men were stopped and searched when compared with other groups.

Indian-origin family of 4 found dead in UK

An Indian-origin man has been found hanging near a reservoir in east London after the bodies of his wife and twin daughters were discovered at their family home, prompting Scotland Yard to launch a probe into the mysterious deaths.

Anti-terror arrests hit record high in UK

Terror-related arrests in Britain hit record high levels last year with an arrest almost every day, Scotland Yard's top counter-terrorism officer said on Thursday.

UAE-based Indian tycoon eyes old Scotland Yard HQ sale

UAE-based Indian business tycoon Yusuffali MA has reportedly offered 100-million pounds to buy the iconic old Scotland Yard Headquarters here, which is being turned into a five-star hotel.

Three Syria-bound British teens freed on bail

Three British teenagers, deported from Turkey on suspicion that they were trying to travel to Syria to join Islamic State extremists, have been released on bail after being interrogated by Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard face graft probe for covering up child sex abuse

The UK's police watchdog on Monday launched a probe into alleged corruption in Scotland Yard ranks for shielding influential politicians and officials involved in sex offences against children, including an Indian-origin boy who was found murdered in the 1980s.

Scotland Yard admits error 'in hindsight' over UK schoolgirls

Scotland Yard has admitted that they could have handled better the case of the three runaway schoolgirls, believed to have joined IS extremists in Syria, after the teenage girls' families criticised the police for not passing on vital information to them.

Runaway schoolgirls' family blame Scotland Yard

Relatives of three runaway London schoolgirls - believed to have joined Islamic State extremists in Syria, have criticised Scotland Yard for not passing on "vital" information that the trio were at risk of being radicalised.

UK to probe police 'cover-up' in Indian-origin boy's death

UK's official police watchdog will investigate allegations that Scotland Yard may have covered up the murder of an Indian-origin boy at the hands of a high- profile child abuse ring in the 80s.

Missing girls thought to be in Syria: British police

Three teenage girls from London feared to have run off to join the Islamic State (IS) group are believed to have crossed from Turkey into Syria, British police said Tuesday.

Scotland Yard brief students at missing girls' school in UK

Scotland Yard officers on Monday briefed students and staff at the east London school from where three girls are feared to have fled to Syria to join the dreaded Islamic State militant group.

Scotland Yard pays high cost for Julian Assange security

Scotland Yard has spent around 10 million pounds for providing a 24-hour guard at the Ecuadorean embassy here since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed asylum there in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sex crime charges.

Julian Assange policing costs Britain $15 mn

Scotland Yard has spent about 10 million pounds ($15 million) providing a 24-hour guard at the Ecuadorean embassy in London since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed asylum there, figures show.

London's Scotland Yard police HQ sold to Abu Dhabi developers

London's iconic Scotland Yard police headquarters has been sold for 370 million pounds to a real estate developer group from Abu Dhabi, 120 million pounds over the asking price.