5,000 central forces' troops to join IYD event at Rajpath

Over 5,000 paramilitary troops will join ranks with other enthusiasts to perform 'asanas' on June 21 to mark the International Yoga Day celebrations at Rajpath here.

US troops at Taqaddum to help Iraqis plan fight for Ramadi

President Barack Obama has said American forces being sent to a new operations centre in the heart of the war against Islamic State will not engage in combat, but they will do almost everything but fight to support the beleaguered Iraqi forces. 

No military administration in Jaffna: Sri Lanka Army


Colombo: The Sri Lankan Army has said there was no military administration in Tamil-dominated Jaffna and denied allegations by Chief Minister of the Northern Province C V Wigneswaran that more troops had been deployed in the area after a riot in mid-May.

Obama to send more US troops to train Iraqis in a bid to thwart ISIS' advance
Obama to send more US troops to train Iraqis in a bid to thwart ISIS' advance

President Barack Obama appears poised to approve the deployment of hundreds more US training personnel to Iraq, in a bid to reverse gains by the Islamic State group.

Iraq sends troops to Ramadi, largely held by Islamic State

Iraq's military has dispatched reinforcements to help its battered forces in Ramadi, a city now largely held by the Islamic State group after its militants swept across it the day before, an Iraqi military spokesman said on Saturday.

`Petrodollars` behind Senegal`s support for Saudi in Yemen

 Senegal says it is sending troops to Saudi Arabia in an act of "solidarity" for the kingdom`s Yemen operation, but critics say the support has more to do with cold, hard cash.

Australia to deploy 300 additional troops to Iraq

Australia's government said today it had completed preparations to send about 300 additional troops to Iraq and would deploy them over the coming weeks.

Russia supplying weapons, troops to Ukraine separatists: Report

NATO believes that Russia has supplied more troops and weapons to pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine, a German newspaper reported on Sunday.

Nigerian troops recapture more towns from militants

Nigerian troops combating terrorists in northeastern states on Friday captured four more towns from Boko Haram in Borno State in a push to capture Sambisa forest.

No need yet for ground troops in Yemen, Saudi says

There is no need yet for ground troops in Yemen, the spokesman for a Saudi-led coalition which has conducted six days of air strikes against Shiite militia rebels said Tuesday.

Troops from Chad, Niger retake Nigerian town from Boko Haram

Soldiers from Niger and Chad have retaken a Nigerian town from Boko Haram, another victory in a regional campaign to wrest back control of swaths of northeastern Nigeria from the Islamist militants.

Russia launches military drills in the southwest

Russia's military on Thursday launched maneuvers of air defense forces in the southwest of the country, the latest in a series of frequent drills amid tensions with the West.

Russia denies US claim of 'thousands' of troops in Ukraine

Russian officials on Thursday dismissed a claim by the United States that Moscow has sent "thousands" of troops to fight alongside pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

Kiev says no troops killed in past day for first time since truce

 Ukraine`s military said Wednesday that one soldier was wounded but no troops were killed over the past 24 hours, the first day without a fatality since a shaky truce came into effect on February 15.

Putin tells Kiev to let troops surrender as Ukraine ceasefire unravels

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Kiev to let its soldiers surrender to pro-Russian rebels, who spurned a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and fought their way on Tuesday into the town of Debaltseve, encircling thousands of government troops.

Be brave but save your life: CRPF boss to troops

CRPF chief Prakash Mishra on Monday asked his troops to undertake dare-devil operations in anti-Naxal and anti-insurgency hit areas in the country but ensure a 'zero' casualty rate by doing these tasks smartly and tactically.

China to toughen military checks to fight internet spying

 China`s military will toughen ideological background checks on its troops and strictly control their internet and mobile phone use in an effort to combat spying by "hostile forces", state media said on Wednesday.

Philippines mourns police killed in anti-terror bloodbath

 A long, slow procession of coffins draped in the Philippine flag poured out of military transport planes in Manila on Thursday, as the country mourned dozens of policemen killed in a botched anti-terror operation.

Belgium deploys troops after foiling 'terror' plot

Belgium on Saturday began deploying hundreds of troops to patrol the streets after security forces smashed a suspected Islamist "terrorist" cell planning to kill police officers.

Sudan troops beat back rebel attacks in Kordofan, kill 50: Army

Sudanese troops repelled rebel attacks on two villages in the war-torn South Kordofan region, killing 50 insurgents and losing four of their own men, the army has said.