`Drunkorexics`, who avoid eating to binge drink, posing risk to their health

`Drunkorexics` - people who regularly forego meals to save calories or exercise to burn them off so they can binge drink and not gain weight are leading a very unhealthy lifestyle and are causing themselves much harm, according to eating disorder experts.

`Over 25% urban Indian men have low testosterone`

More than 25 percent of urban Indian males have low testosterone hormones due to unhealthy lifestyles.

Tweaking diet and lifestyle `cuts risk of developing diabetes`

Individuals can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by making small changes in diet and lifestyle, a new study has revealed.

`Drinking, smoking, obesity does not affect sperm count`

Lifestyle advice given by doctors to men diagnosed with infertility should be radically overhauled, according to a new study which has suggested that that many common lifestyle risks may not be as important as we previously thought.

Listen to your body…..

Often we tend to ignore our wonderful, yet fragile body for work or others, while trying to fulfil our goals and commitments in this world of antagonism.

High blood sugar can add years to your face

A study suggests that living an unhealthy lifestyle could make you look older because high blood sugar causes the face to age more quickly.

Unhealthy lifestyle bad for sex life

Additionally, people who are sexually inactive also tend to have unhealthy lifestyles, says a new study.

Middle-aged Brits ‘are unhealthiest in the world’

Fast-food-loving, exercise-shy Americans have long been regarded as the benchmark for unhealthy living. But they are in better shape that Brits.