Want a sharper memory? Play more 3-D games

Good news for gamers as three-dimensional video games not only provide great fun, but can also boost the formation of memories.

There is more to `name` than meets the eye

There is more to `name` than meets the eye

In the case of the usernames of video gamers, a remarkable amount of information about their real world personalities can be revealed. 

Analysing the amazing phenomenon of lucid dreaming: 8 Interesting facts you should know!

Have you encountered any instance when you were aware that you are dreaming? Simply put, what you have experienced is called lucid dreaming.

Action video games best for improving attention skill, cognitive functions, says SAGE study

A new study has revealed that action-packed video games improve brain function.

Exergaming can improve well-being in children with autism

 Researchers have found that 'exergames' - video games that involve physical exercise - can improve physical and mental fitness in children with autism spectrum disorders.

An hour of video game daily can make girls fat

Young women who play computer games for an hour every day are at increased risk of gaining unhealthy weight, warns new research.

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro: Gaming console for your smartphone

This one is for all the game lovers from Amkette, India's leading computer hardware and electronics manufacturer.

App to turn phone into 3D scanner

App to turn phone into 3D scanner

An app enables you to create 3D scans in seconds with your smartphone good enough for a 3D printer or to be used in video games.

Violent video games trigger aggression

 Playing violent video games is linked to increased aggression in players though it is not certain if the link extends to criminal violence too, according to a latest American Psychological Association (APA) report.

WTO members seal trillion-dollar IT trade deal

World Trade Organization (WTO) members finalized a deal on Friday to cut tariffs on $1 trillion worth of information technology products in a boost for producers of goods ranging from video games to medical equipment.

Disney exploring virtual reality for video games

Walt Disney Co`s interactive unit is considering bringing Disney Infinity or other video games into the world of virtual reality.

Fantasies play out in virtual reality games

Fantasies play out in virtual reality games

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo here Tuesday players swooped like eagles through Paris, blasted asteroids, and fought in boxing rings as videogame makers dove into worlds of virtual reality.

PlayStation touts virtual reality and big name games

Sony late on Monday proclaimed a `new era` of PlayStation gaming complete with big-name games and the dawn of virtual reality on its powerful PlayStation 4 consoles.

Can active video gaming replace outdoor play?

 Active video gaming can make children of five to eight years of age expend as much energy as unstructured outdoor play does, new research says.

Video game helps robots plan their actions!

Video game helps robots plan their actions!

Researchers have used a popular video game to develop an algorithm that can help robots learn how to tell which objects and actions might be useful to achieve a goal.

Video game that can help robots plan their actions!

Video game that can help robots plan their actions!

While planning a task may seem simple to your mind, it is not so for robots.

Technology replaces schmoozing: the future of private banking

No longer is schmoozing over long lunches and fine wines enough; Swiss private bankers are turning to video games and virtual reality to attract a new generation of sceptical clients and see off digital rivals.

Excess video games may increase Alzheimer's risk

Spending too much time playing video games may increase your risk of developing neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, says a new study.

Excess video gaming could lead to Alzheimer's disease

While you may not want to give up that video game console, a new study has shown that excess playing of video games could lead to neurological problems, like Alzheimer's.

Videogames, porno addicts face crisis of masculinity

 As per a new study, addiction to pornography and video games is leading to a "masculinity crisis."