Shia lawyer shot dead in Pakistan

A lawyer from Pakistan's minority Shia sect, who was a counsel for several activists of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, was on Wednesday shot dead by unidentified gunmen here with police suspecting it to be a case of sectarian violence.

Hardline Sunni leader shot dead in Pakistan

Unidentified gunmen on Sunday shot dead a leader from a hardliner Sunni religious group in Pakistan in an apparent sectarian attack, police said.

Fighting in Yemen kills 16 Shiite rebels, 10 Sunni tribesmen

Yemeni security and military officials say fighting between Shiite rebels and Sunni tribesmen in the country's south has left 26 dead.

Germany, Italy close embassies in Yemen due to security fears

Germany and Italy have closed their embassies in Yemen, following other Western states worried about security as the Shi`ite Muslim Houthi militia tightens its grip on power.

Iran commander Suleimani says IS 'nearing end'

An influential Iranian general who has reportedly been near the front line against the Islamic State group was quoted on Thursday saying the jihadists are "nearing the end of their lives".

Prophet's grandson Hussein honoured on grounds of Israeli hospital

About 50 Shi`ite Muslim pilgrims settle down to chant and prostrate themselves in worship near an ancient tomb.

Pakistan's Shiites mourn 61 killed in mosque bombing

Thousands of Shiite Muslims rallied Saturday to protest against the killing of 61 people in a suicide bombing at a mosque, as southern Pakistan shut down to mourn the nation`s worst sectarian attack in nearly two years.

Yemen risks disintegration as south rejects Shi'ite group's takeover

No sooner had Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi announced his resignation than his country`s tenuous political fabric began to disintegrate.

Hezbollah chief threatens Israel over Syria strikes

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has threatened to retaliate against Israel for repeated strikes on Syria, in an television interview to be broadcast on Thursday.

Officials say suicide bombing kills 12 people in Iraq

A suicide car bomb killed 12 Shiite militiamen and Iraqi soldiers today in a town north of Baghdad, authorities said, sparking a battle between security forces and fighters with the extremist Islamic State group.

Syria's al Qaeda attacks besieged Shi'ite villages

Syria`s al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front and other Sunni Muslim militants fought during the night to capture two Shi`ite villages in the country`s north but were repelled, activists on both sides of the war and a monitoring group said on Friday.

Shiite rebels expand territory in Yemeni capital

Yemen's Shiite rebels defeated rival tribesmen and took control of a northern district of the capital on Saturday, expanding their control of the city, their spokesman said.

Baghdad car bomb kills at least 10: Officials

A car bomb exploded in a crowded Shiite-majority area of the Iraqi capital on Monday, killing at least 10 people and wounding at least 31, security and medical officials said.

Bahrain sees 51.5% voter turnout in national elections

Bahrain held its parliamentary elections on Saturday, the first since a failed protest against the monarchy in 2011.

Bahrain opposition urges end to power 'monopoly'

Bahrain's Shiite opposition warned on Friday on the eve of elections that failure by the kingdom's Sunni rulers to loosen their grip on power could trigger a surge in violence.

Baghdad blasts in Shiite areas kill at least 31

A wave of car bombs struck Shiite-majority areas of Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 31 people, security and medical officials said.

Six-year-old Hazara girl murdered after rape attempt in Pak

In a horrific incident, a six-year-old Hazara Shia Muslim girl has been strangulated after being subjected to repeated rape attempts in the capital city of Pakistan's troubled Balochistan province.

Policeman kills Shiite man for alleged blasphemy in Pakistan

A Pakistani policeman has been accused of killing a detained Shiite man with an axe for alleged blasphemy in the Punjab Province, a day after a Christian couple was burnt alive by a mob for the same crime.

15 killed in Iraq suicide bombing

At least 15 Iraqi soldiers and Shia militiamen were killed and 30 others were wounded in a suicide bombing near Jurf Al Sakhar in Iraq's Babil province, south of Baghdad.

Yemen Houthi rebels, tribesmen agree on truce

Yemen`s Shia Houthi rebels and Sunni tribal fighters agreed to a 24-hour ceasefire Saturday.