How mice detect different odours

 Mice can detect minute differences in the timing of activities in neurons of the olfactory system, a sensory system used for the sense of smell, a study has suggested.

Scientists discover key to heal 'broken hearts'

Researchers have healed injured hearts of living mice by reactivating long dormant molecular machinery found in the animals' cells.

Protein NT3 helps deaf to hear, says study

Scientists have recently restored hearing of mice that were partly deafened by noise using advanced tools to boost the production of a key protein NT3 in their ears.

New mice study may help in studying Epilepsy, Alzheimer

A new study on mice may help in understanding how brain works, which could open doors in studying epilepsy, alzheimer's and other diseases.

Mice study helps calculate aggressiveness of human oral cancer

Researchers can now foresee the aggressiveness of cancer tumors in people, thanks to a study which was being done on mouth cancer in mice.

Human stem cell treatment helps mice with MS-like condition walk again

Mice severely disabled by a condition that was similar to multiple sclerosis (MS) were able to walk less than two weeks following treatment with human neural stem cells.

Experimental drug increase life span in mice

Researchers have newly identified a protein`s key role in cell and physiological aging and have developed an experimental drug that inhibits the protein`s effect and prolonged the lifespan in a mouse model of accelerated aging.

Anti-ageing pill that could help you live longer

In a breakthrough, scientists found that activating a protein called Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) extends lifespan and delays the onset of age-related diseases in mice.

Researchers discover seven new genes for head, neck cancers

Researchers claimed to have discovered seven new tumour-suppressor genes for head and neck cancers whose role was previously unknown.

Female mice prefer unfamiliar male songs when selecting mate

A new study has revealed that female mice prefer songs of mice that are different from their parents when selecting a mate in order to avoid the risk of inbreeding.

Mice can `warn` sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm

Lab mice trained to fear a particular smell can transfer the impulse to their unborn sons and grandsons through a mechanism in their sperm, a study said Sunday.

Brief steroids use can enhance athletes’ performance for decades

A new study suggests that athletes who use steroids even for a very brief period of time could have long-lasting effects later in their performance.

Mice evolve to numb pain of scorpion bites

Thanks to evolution, hungry desert-dwelling wild mice can shrug off the pain of scorpions` stings in order to gobble them up for a meal, scientists said Thursday.

Gene tweak boosts lifespan by 20 per cent in mice

Scientists have found that altering a single gene in mice extended their average lifespan by about 20 per cent - the equivalent of raising the average human lifespan by 16 years, from 79 to 95.

Mice invade Lady Gaga`s eatery

Singer Lady Gaga`s restaurant `Joanne Trattoria` is reportedly infested with mice.

Scientists produce false memories in mice

Scientists have pulled off the plot of Inception - with mice!

Lab-grown cells restore eyesight in mice

Scientists have claimed that it is possible to grow the light-sensitive cells of the eye in a lab with the help of an artificial retina.

Inner ear structure created from mouse stem cells

Embryonic stem cells of mice have been transformed into key structures of the inner ear in a breakthrough study.

New technique blocks compulsive behaviour in mice

In a breakthrough that could help researchers develop new treatments for diseases such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Tourette`s syndrome, MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can block a compulsive behavior in mice by activating a brain circuit that controls compulsive behavior.

Gene necessary for mice to avoid cats discovered

A Northwestern University study has shed light on how a mouse instinctively avoids a cat, when it smells the feline.