Scientists grow functioning vessel with two tablespoons of blood

In a path-breaking research, a team of Swedish researchers has successfully grown brand new blood vessels with just two tablespoons of blood in a flat seven days.

Stem cell treatment may harbor blindness cure

A new study has revealed that stem cell treatment may be helpful in treating blindness.

Dying cells send signal to stimulate new cells in birds
Dying cells send signal to stimulate new cells in birds

Scientists have discovered new neuron growth each spring in songbirds that starts with a signal from the expiring cells from the previous fall that primes the brain to start producing stem cells.

Stem cells act as 'first aid kits' in repairing damaged immune response

A new study has revealed that stem cell therapy can also work through a mechanism other than cell replacement.

Decoded how rib cells heal themselves

We know that mammals cannot regenerate lost limbs but they can repair large sections of their ribs. A team of US researchers has now discovered the healing power of the rib cells in both humans and mice.

World's first lab grown stem cells implanted

Japanese researchers have successfully implanted lab-grown retinal tissue from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) into a woman in her 70s - the world's first recipient of stem cells.

Induced stem cells cleared for human trial in Japan

A Japanese patient with a debilitating eye disease will be the first person in the world to be treated with the next-generation stem cells called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

Why stem cells lose capacity to repair damaged muscle with aging revealed

A new study has revealed the reason behind why when people get older; the stem cells in their bodies start to lose the ability to repair even the normal muscle damage.

Rare stem cells hold potential for infertility treatments

Rare stem cells in testis that produce a biomarker protein called PAX7 help give rise to new sperm cells - and may hold a key to restoring fertility, a new research suggests.

`Most stem cell-based cosmetic surgeries fake`

Next time you come across an advertisement offering cosmetic stem cell procedures not only to give your skin a glowing look but also to stop it from growing old, beware.

Now, a jab that can help fight against arthritis

Researchers have developed a new revolutionary procedure that could help prevent the disease ever striking in the first place.

Human blood created from human stem cells in lab

Scientists have discovered two genetic programs that are responsible for taking blank-slate stem cells to turn them into both red and white cells that make up human blood.

How stress leads to obesity revealed

A new study has revealed the process that can disrupt the process of fat tissue development due to stress.

Soon, personalised gene therapies for vision loss

Researchers have created a new approach to develop personalised gene therapies for patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a leading cause of vision loss.

Biotech clusters to be scaled up

The government Thursday announced the scaling up of biotech clusters in the country.

Scientists regrow human corneas using rare stem cells

Scientists have discovered a way to regrow human corneal tissue using hard-to-find limbal stem cells known as ABCB5 molecule.

Better tissue healing with `dissolving` hydrogels

Regenerating bone tissue through stem cells can now be easier and more precise.

Mature liver cells can turn into stem cells!

Liver is known to regenerate itself, but can liver cells be reverted to a stem-cell like state? Yes, researchers say.

Stem cells to power your sperm

Men struggling with infertility could breathe a sigh of relief as scientists have now successfully coaxed stem cells made from the skin cells of infertile men into producing sperm cell precursors that could eventually lead to healthy sperm production.

Human fat could help in treating brain cancer

Researchers have claimed that they have used stem cells derived from human body fat to treat brain cancer in mice.