A vitamin that can decelerate ageing process!

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New Delhi: With the advancement in technology the quest to remain young and vibrant has accelerated at a sharp seed. Now, its possible to cling to your youthful age a bit longer with the help of newly invented vitamin that restores organs' regenerative capacities and delays ageing.

An international team of researchers discovered vitamin nicotinamide riboside, a source of vitamin B3 that targets stem cells.

Stem cells have remarkable ability to regenerate damaged cells due to the presence of mitochondria in them. As we age, the mitochondria of these cells start loosing their potential thereby resulting in poor cell generation.

The study, published in the journal science, revealed that vitamin nicotinamide riboside actually acted as a regulator mitochondrial activity on being tested onto a mice.

"This work could have very important implications in the field of regenerative medicine," said one of the researchers, Johan Auwerx from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). 

"We are not talking about introducing foreign substances into the body but rather restoring the body's ability to repair itself with a product that can be taken with food," Auwerx explained.

The researchers are hoping that this discovery could be helpful in many age-related diseases even the fatal ones such as Myopathy.

(With IANS inputs)

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