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Know why neem is good for health!

Neem is a medicinal plant and is easily available to us throughout the year.

Here is why you should drink milk daily!

Milk should be included in their daily diet for healthy lifestyle.

Tooth loss linked to cognitive impairment, dementia

 We are often ignorant about loss of teeth but preserving oral health can benefit you in a longer run. According to researchers, loss of teeth is linked to increased risk for cognitive impairment and dementia in adults.

Home remedies for shiny, white teeth - Check out

Home remedies for shiny, white teeth - Check out

Shiny and white teeth add cosmetic value to ones appearance.

3D technology reveals diet of medieval children

Researchers use a new technique to study the dietary secrets of ancient children and our fossil ancestors.

Say hello to pearly whites with these natural teeth-whitening tips!

Discoloured or yellow teeth are a normality nowadays, if people's current lifestyles are considered.

Bite mark analysis may result in false convictions

Widely accepted in criminal courts and often presented as key evidence in prosecutions, bite mark analysis is actually "far from an exact science” and can lead to false convictions, says a new study.

Oral care: Ways to get rid of bad breath!

Follow these simple tips to make your mouth feel fresh and clean.

Sugar-free drinks equally bad for teeth

 If you have switched to sugar-free drinks to avoid tooth decay, don't be rest assured that you have got rid of the problem. Even sugar-free drinks and foods may kick-off tooth decay, dentists have warned.

Why you should think twice before giving your children raisins?

Many parents think raisins are a good option because they're packed with vitamins

Dental fillings may harm your teeth: Experts

The study found six out of 10 teeth which were next to a filling had also decayed after five years.

Humans may one day regrow their own teeth

 Humans may be able to regrow their own teeth in the same way as a cichlid fish in Malawi lake, according to a new research.

Nanodiamonds could prevent tooth loss after root canals

Some root canals don't entirely remove the infection, and residual infection after root canals can lead to tooth loss.

Why flossing may do more harm than good

 Flossing is supposedly done to get rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth, which if left to fester, can cause inflammation and disease.

Rare primate's fossil closer to lemurs than humans

Based on how its teeth erupted, a model has suggested that a rare fossil of an early primate shares more in common with modern lemurs and not with monkeys or humans.

Can local anesthetic really harm kids` teeth?

A new study has suggested that local anesthetic may affect the development of children`s teeth.

Teeth help discover six new flesh-eating dinosaurs

After studying 142 isolated teeth from the South Pyrenean Basin in Spain, researchers have discovered six new species of toothed carnivorous dinosaurs (theropods) in the region.

Teeth analysis could show lifetime exposures to metals, toxins

Analysis of our teeth may show lifetime intake of metals and toxins linked to diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, according to researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

Wine, berries can stain your teeth

You may usually worry about the result of spilling certain foods and drinks on a pristine white table cloth or a new white dress, but also think about the damaging effects they can cause to teeth. Wine, berries and hot beverages like tea and coffee can have long lasting effect on teeth, say experts.

How to take care of oral health

Rinse properly after every meal, reduce your intake of tea or coffee and favour natural vegetables and fruits to take care of your oral health, says an expert.