Lok Sabha election 2019 highlights: Over 63% turnout in 6th phase, violence in West Bengal again

Voting in phase 6 was held in 14 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 10 in Haryana, 8 each in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, all seven seats in Delhi and 4 in Jharkhand.


NEW DELHI: Voting for 59 seats across seven states in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha election 2019 started at 7 am on Sunday, amid tight security arrangements put in place by the Election Commission (EC). Voting in phase 6 was held in 14 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 10 in Haryana, 8 each in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, all seven seats in Delhi and 4 in Jharkhand.

Full list of 59 constituencies which went to vote in sixth phase of Lok Sabha election 2019 on May 12

A total of 968 candidates were in the fray in the sixth phase, including Union Minister Maneka Gandhi, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh and BJP's Bhopal candidate Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur.

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Here are the highlights of the sixth phase of Lok Sabha election 2019: 

12 May 2019
20:56 PM

These are all the updates we have from the sixth phase of Lok Sabha 2019 election. Scroll down for all the highlights.

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20:55 PM

EC informed after the press conference related to sixth phase polling that it would meet on Monday to review preparations for counting day. (Full report here

19:10 PM

Key statistics provided by the Election Commission:

* 22.9 crore women have voted in the first five phases of Lok Sabha election 2019.

* 47.6 crore people have voted in the first five phases of Lok Sabha election 2019. This is more than the 41 crore people who had voted in the first five phases of Lok Sabha election 2014.

* Polling today was conducted across 1.18 lakh polling stations.

* 1.43 crore eligible voters in seven Delhi seats which had 13,819 polling stations. Estimated 59.8% turnout here till 7pm, says EC.

* 1.79 crore voters were eligible to cast their vote at 19,422 polling stations in Haryana. Estimated 62.91% turnout till 7pm.

* 1.44 crore voters were eligible to cast their vote in MP's 18,141 polling stations today. Estimated 60.06% turnout till 5pm, says EC

* 66.85 lakh eligible voters in Jharkhand today. The four seats here had 8,300 polling stations. Estimated 65.17% turnout here till 7pm.

* 1.33 crore eligible voters in West Bengal today. The eight seats here had 15,428 polling stations. EC says estimated 79.93% turnout till 5pm.

* 1.38 crore eligible voters in eight seats of Bihar today. 13,973 polling stations were here. Estimated turnout till 6pm was 59.38%.

* 2.57 crore eligible voters in Uttar Pradesh today. There were 29,076 polling stations across 14 seats in the state which voted today. 54.12% estimated turnout till 6pm today.

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Robert Vadra made a Twitter faux pas today. And netizens had a field day. Click here for full report.

18:17 PM

Representatives from ECs of 65 countries have been witnessing Lok Sabha election 2019 in India, including today's voting. Read full report here.

17:58 PM

59.70% voter turnout recorded till 6 pm. Here's the state-wise report:

Bihar - 55.04%

Haryana - 62.14%

Madhya Pradesh - 60.12%

Uttar Pradesh - 50.82%

West Bengal - 80.13%

Jharkhand - 64.46%

Delhi - 55.44%

17:58 PM

Voting has drawn to an end. Those in line currently, however, would be permitted to cast their vote.

17:51 PM

Dr Subhas Sarkar, BJP candidate of Bankura, has been attacked. His car has also been damaged.

Sarkar's party men were surrounded by TMC supporters who are claiming that the BJP candidate broke an EVM.

Sarkar's car was surrounded for over an hour before cops rescued him.

17:14 PM

BJP's Sanjay Jaiswal reportedly injured in an attack on his life in Narkatia (Bihar). It is being reported that Jaiswal, candidate for BJP from Bettiah Lok Sabha seat, was attacked inside booth number 162 in Narkatia and his vehicle was completely damaged. Party workers have demanded than an ambulance be rushed to the polling booth immediately.

17:06 PM

51.99% voter turnout recorded till 4 pm. Here's the state-wise report:

Bihar - 46.26%

Haryana - 54.66%

Madhya Pradesh - 54.37%

Uttar Pradesh - 44.03%

West Bengal - 70.88%

Jharkhand - 58.32%

Delhi - 45.47%

16:18 PM

Get married, then go vote! Couple in Madhya Pradesh show the way...

16:01 PM

50.74% voter turnout recorded till 4 pm. Here's the state-wise report:

Bihar - 44.40%

Haryana - 51.80%

Madhya Pradesh - 52.62%

Uttar Pradesh - 43.26%

West Bengal - 70.51%

Jharkhand - 58.08%

Delhi - 45.22%

15:44 PM

Haryana minister Manish Grover exuded confidence in BJP's victory in the election. "BJP will win all the 10 seats in Haryana. In Rohtak, we will win defeat Congress by more than 2 lakh votes," he said and also alleged booth capturing in Rohtak. 

15:37 PM
15:31 PM

49.62% voter turnout recorded till 3 pm. Here's the state-wise report:

Bihar - 44.40%

Haryana - 51.37%

Madhya Pradesh - 51.31%

Uttar Pradesh - 43.05%

West Bengal - 68.67%

Jharkhand - 58.08%

Delhi - 40.87%

15:10 PM

Estimated voting percentage till 3 pm in Bihar:

Valmiki Nagar - 52.02%

West Champaran -  48.33%

East Champaran - 45.75%

Sheohar - 43.5%

Vaishali - 46.94%  

Siwan - 41.5%

Maharajganj-  37%

15:05 PM

EC orders police to register FIR against Bharati Ghosh, BJP candidate from Ghatal, for entering the polling station with her security guards.

14:53 PM

Miscreant pours glue on EVM machine in MP's Morena. (Full report)

14:49 PM

Former President Pranab Mukherjee casts his vote at a polling booth in NP Primary School, K Kamraj Lane in Delhi. 

(Image courtesy: ANI)

14:38 PM
14:34 PM

39.74% estimated voter turnout recorded till 2 pm.

14:31 PM

Goons allegedly thrash Dalits in Morena over not casting votes in favour of BJP.  

14:24 PM

State-wise report of estimated voter turnout till 2 pm.

Bihar - 35.22%

Haryana - 39.16%

Madhya Pradesh - 42.27%

Uttar Pradesh - 34.30%

West Bengal - 55.77%

Jharkhand - 47.16%

Delhi - 33.65%

14:16 PM

Voters turnout for Delhi till 1 pm. 

Chandni Chowk - 33.10%
North East Delhi -36.55%
East Delhi -34.40%
New Delhi -31.32%
North West Delhi-36.09%
West Delhi-35.06%
South Delhi-34.84%

Total -34.48%

14:12 PM
14:12 PM

Police allegedly thrash BJP worker Ramakant Upadhyay in Datia, Madhya Pradesh.

14:02 PM

34.92% interim voter turnout recorded in Uttar Pradesh till 1pm.

Sultanpur - 37.87%
Pratapgarh - 34.39%
Phulpur - 29.20 %
Allahabad - 32.38 %
Ambedkar Nagar - 38.20%
Shravasti - 32.64%
Domariyaganj - 34.40%
Basti - 38.68%
Sant Kabir Nagar - 37.00%
Lalganj - 32.79%
Azamgarh - 34.80%
Jaunpur - 34.53%
Machhali Shahar - 35.80 %
Bhadohi -35.26%

13:53 PM

Clashes erupt between police and voters at a polling booth in UP's Bhadohi. 

13:33 PM

Estimated voter turnout in Haryana till 1 pm recorded at 31.77%

Ambala - 30.90%
Kurukshetra - 38.51%
Sirsa - 34.12%
Hisar - 29.44%
Karnal - 24.50%
Rohtak - 29.50%
Sonipat - 31.65%
Bhiwani-Mahendragarh - 40.63%
Gurgaon - 31.70%
Faridabad -28.73%

13:33 PM

Interim voter turnout in Jharkhand till 1 pm is as follows:

Giridih - 50.64%
Dhanbad - 43.05%
Jamshedpur- 47.34%
Singhbum- 46.35%

13:27 PM

Interim voter turnout in Bihar till 1 pm recorded at 35.28%.

Valmiki Nagar - 37.48%

West Champaran - 38.62%

East Champaran - 37.25%

Sheohar - 35.80%

Vaishali - 35.00%  

Gopalganj - 41%

Siwan - 32.50%

Maharajganj - 25.20%

13:17 PM

Estimated voter turnout in Madhya Pradesh till 1 pm: 34.06%

Morena: 30.53%
Bhind: 28.39%
Gwalior: 26.51%
Guna: 37.81%
Sagar: 33.98%
Vidisha: 41.63%
Bhopal: 35.85%
Rajgarh: 38.93% .

12:59 PM

West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer has sought a report from District Magistrate of Ghatal on attack on BJP candidate Bharati Ghosh's convoy earlier today.

12:44 PM

Estimated voter turnout in Bihar till 12 pm: 29.53% 

Valmikinagar: 31.03%

Paschim Champaran: 35.05%

Poorvi Champaran: 35.40%

Sheohar: 32.50%

Vaishali: 29.40%  

Gopalganj: 27.80%

Siwan: 25%

Maharajganj: 21.10 %

12:42 PM

Massive clashes erupt between TMC and BJP workers at Ghatal’s Keshpur. TMC workers allegedly attacked BJP workers at Gotgeria Shivsakti High School. TMC workers tried to stop injured BJP supporters from getting medical attention.

12:32 PM

Maharajganj MP Janardhan Singh Sigriwal cast his vote at booth no 209 in his village in Chhapra, Bihar.

12:30 PM

BJP candidate from Ghatal, Bharati Ghosh’s personal security reportedly fired four rounds in the air when the locals attacked them and pelted stones at them. TMC claims one of their workers Bakhtiyar Khan got injured in the firing. He was admitted toMedinipur Medical College and Hospital.

12:26 PM

Estimated overall voter turnout in phase 6 till 12 pm: 25.15%

State-wise voter turnout till 12 pm:

Bihar: 20.70%
Haryana: 23.26%
Madhya Pradesh: 28.25%
Uttar Pradesh: 21.75%
West Bengal: 38.26%
Jharkhand: 31.27%
NCT of Delhi: 19.55%

12:20 PM

Congress General Secretary for UP (East), Priyanka Gandhi Vadra after casting her vote in Delhi: It's a really important election because we are fighting to save democracy, for our country, and keeping that in mind I cast my vote.

12:10 PM

In Delhi's Dwarka, Sector 7, awakened voters gathered at Ramphal Chowk and proceeded to polling center inspiring others to cast their vote and pledge their responsibility to make democracy healthy and rich The mission was led by a social worker known as Sunil Verma.

12:05 PM

Estimated voted turnout in Delhi till 11 Am: 20.37%

Chandni Chowk - 18.31
North East Delhi -22.32
East Delhi -20.56
New Delhi -17.99
North West Delhi-21.41
West Delhi-20.76
South Delhi-21.22

11:59 AM

Estimated voted turnout in Haryana till 11 Am: 22.40%

Ambala: 18.22%
Kurukshetra: 23.81%
Sirsa: 22.71%
Hisar: 27.17%
Karnal: 20.91%
Sonipat: 22.76%
Rohtak: 19.24%
Bhivani: 25.24%
Gurugram: 22.80%
Faridabad: 22.09%

11:59 AM

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra cast their votes at a polling booth in Sardar Patel Vidyalaya at Lodhi Estate in Delhi.

11:48 AM

Estimated voter turnout in Uttar Pradesh till 11 AM: 21.98%

Sultanpur: 25.41%
Domariyaganj: 19.20%
Pratapgarh: 23.13%
Phulpur: 18.20%
Allahabad: 20.02%
Ambedkar Nagar: 25.00%
Shraswati: 21.34%
Basti: 26.39%
Sant Kabir Nagar: 22.90% 
Lalganj: 23.66% 
Azamgarh: 19.80%
Jaunpur: 22.40%
Macchlishahar: 18.40%
Bhadohi:  21.90%

11:37 AM

West Bengal: Scuffle between BJP workers and TMC workers at polling booth number 254 in Bankura after BJP alleged rigging by TMC workers.


11:34 AM

Ghatal BJP candidate Bharti Ghosh’s vehicle seized by police for not having valid documents.


11:33 AM

Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan cast his vote at his ancestral village of Jait, which comes under Vidisha Lok Sabha seat. Chouhan was accompanied by his wife Sadhna Singh and sons Kunal and Kartik.

11:30 AM

Union Minister and BJP candidate from Morena, Narendra Singh Tomar, cast his vote and told media that BJP is set to win the Lok Sabha poll and Narendra Modi will become prime minister for the second time.


11:24 AM

The humane face of Uttar Pradesh police came to fore once again on Sunday as Inspector Randhir Mishra of Dhanghata police station in Sant Kabir Nagar was seen helping the disabled and senior citizens who have come to cast the vote.


11:19 AM

11:14 AM

Trinamool Congress has tweeted that at booth numbers 186, 234 in Salboni, Jhargram, central forces are forcing people to vote for BJP. Trinamool said that it has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission.


11:09 AM

Congress candidate from Sonipat, Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Congress candidate from Rohtak, Deepender Singh Hooda, after casting their vote at a polling booth in Rohtak, Haryana.


11:09 AM

Estimated voter turnout in Madhya Pradesh till 10.15 AM: 12.66%

Morena: 10.92%
Bhind: 9.76%
Gwalior: 10.37%
Guna: 15.97%
Sagar: 13.07%
Vidisha: 16.33%
Bhopal: 10.78%
Rajgarh - 15.18%

11:03 AM

Delhi's oldest voter, 111-year old Bachan Singh after casting his vote at a polling booth in Sant Garh.


10:58 AM

BJP agent has been thrashed and thrown out of polling booth in Kanthi parliamentary constituency in West Bengal. Some BJP supporters said that their voter ID cards were snatched away by TMC workers.  

10:55 AM

Uttar Pradesh minister Dara Singh Chauhan has rejected SP's claim of booth captuuring in Azamgarh, stressing that election is being held in a peacefuol manner throughout the state. Chauhand expressed confidence that BJP will win Azamgarh.

10:52 AM

Congress leader Anuj Singh has accused Presiding Officer of Uttar Pradesh's Balrampur of gettuing the votes cast in favour of SP-BSP-RLD alliance. Singh demanded that the Presiding Officer should be removed. The incident took place at booth number 93 in Lalpur Vishunpur

10:47 AM

JMM chief Shibu Soren cast his vote at Saint Xavier School in Bokaro. The booth under Dhanbad parliamentary constituency. Soren has expressed confidence that Grand Alliance will win more seat than 2014.

10:44 AM

Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj after casting her vote at a polling booth in NP Senior Secondary School in Aurangzeb Lane.


10:43 AM

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal casts his vote at a polling booth in Civil Lines.


10:43 AM

Senior BJP leader Vijay Goel has rejected Congress' claim that EVMs are not working properly in Muslim dominated areas of Chandni Chowk. Goel said that BJP is going to win all seven seats in Delhi.

10:37 AM

Estimated voter turnout in Jharkhand till 10 AM: 15.36%

Giridih: 13.94%
Dhanbad: 15.04%
Jamshedpur: 17.28%
Singhbhum: 15.15%

10:24 AM

Congress President Rahul Gandhi after casting his vote: The election was fought on key issues including demonetization, farmer problems, Gabbar Singh Tax and corruption in #Rafale. Narendra Modi used hatred in the campaign and we used love and I am confident love will win.


10:23 AM

Ruckus broke out at a polling booth in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, after a policeman used a BJP flag to wipe his shoes. The BJP supporters got angry after seeing this and demanded that the policeman must be removed from duty. The incident took place booth number 369 of Shahganj Akbarpur.

10:18 AM

Estimated overall sixth phase voter turnout: 10.81%

State-wise breakup:

Bihar: 9.03%

Haryana: 8.79%

Madhya Pradesh: 12.66%

Uttar Pradesh: 9.37%

West Bengal: 16.99%

Jharkhand: 15.36%

NCT of Delhi: 7.91%

10:15 AM

Estimated voter turnout in West Bengal till 9 AM

10:14 AM

Voter turnout in Bihar till 10 AM

Overall estimated turnout: 15.85% 

Valmikinagar: 13.07 %

Paschim Champaran: 13.01%

Poorvi Champaran: 16.40%

Sheohar: 15.70%

Vaishali: 20%  

Gopalganj: 16.40%

Siwan: 15%

Maharajganj: 16.90%

10:10 AM

Congress president Rahul Gandhi casts his vote in Delhi.

10:09 AM

Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi arrives to cast his vote at a polling booth in NP Senior Secondary School in Aurangzeb Lane.


10:06 AM

No voting has taken place at Quboolpur polling booth in Machhlishahar parliamentary constituency. Muslim women were present at the polling booth since 6 AM in the morning to cast their vote but the malfunctioning of EVM did not allow them to exercise their franchise. Muslim women claimed that the administration is deliberately trying to stop them from casting their vote. The women waited at the polling booth till 9 AM and then left for their homes without casting their votes.

10:02 AM

The brand ambassador of Poorvi Champaran, KBC winner Sushil Kumar, cast his vote at booth number 81. He appealed everyone to cast their vote.

09:46 AM

Samajwadi Party has urged the Election Commission to deploy paramilitary forces at several booths in Azamgarh. The SP has written a letter to EC claiming that anti-social elements are involved in booth capturing at booth numbers 56, 57, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 399, 400, 401, 395, 396, 397, 229 and 230. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav's polling agent has written the letter to EC.

09:38 AM

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar casts his vote at a polling booth in Karnal.


09:36 AM

Stones pelted at BJP candidate Bharti Ghosh at a polling station in Dogachia in Ghatal constituency by locals. Ghosh’s private security guards resorted to lathicharge to disperse the stone pelters. Locals claim that Ghosh came to the polling station to disrupt the polling process. The stone pelters vandalised Ghosh’s car. 

09:30 AM

Machhalishahar, Uttar Pradesh: EVM is not working at around two dozens polling booths in this Lok Sabha constituency. Many Muslims are standing in queues since 6 AM despite observing fast. 

09:26 AM

JMM president Shibu Soren will come to cast his vote in a helicopter. Soren will cast his vote at the polling booth in St Xavier School which falls in Dhanbad Lok Sabha constituency.

09:23 AM

Delhi: President Ramnath Kovind casts his vote at a polling booth in Rashtrapati Bhawan.


09:22 AM

Voter Turnout at 09:18 am

09:15 AM

A woman rode on a bullet from Noida, Uttar Pradesh to cast her vote in Jharkhand's Dhanbad. Yashoda Dubey, who is a resident of Dhanbad,  reached Sindri in the morning to cast her vote.

09:09 AM

WATCH: Minor argument between Union Minister and BJP's candidate from Sultanpur Maneka Gandhi and Mahagathbandhan candidate Sonu Singh after Gandhi alleged that Singh's supporters were threatening voters.


09:06 AM

Delhi: Former Delhi CM and Congress's candidate from North-East Delhi, Sheila Dikshit after casting her vote at a polling booth in Nizamuddin (East).


08:47 AM

BJP candidate from Ghatal Lok Sabha seat in West Bengal, Bharati Ghosh, has claimed that BJP's polling agent are not being allowed to sit inside the polling booth. Ghosh has accused TMC leader Soumen Mohapatra of stopping BJP's polling agent from sitting inside the polling booth.

08:47 AM

Many polling booths in Guna, Madhya Pradesh are now empty. In urban aeaas, long queues of voters were seen in the morning but the number of voters came down after 8 AM. 

08:45 AM

Residences of BJP, CPM workers vandalised at Narayangarh Hossainpur area in West Bengal. Both BJP and TMC have accused Trinamool workers of being involved in the incident.

08:38 AM

BJP candidate from Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat in Delhi, Dr Harshvardhan, on Sunday said that there is not Modi wave but Modi tsunami in the country. 

08:34 AM

A SP delegation is scheduled to meet Chief Election Commissioner at 1:30 pm today. Rajendra Chaudhary, Arvind Singh and SRS yadav will meet the CEC to register their complaint over EVM malfunctioning.

08:31 AM

BJP candidate of Ghatal Lok Sabha seat in West Bengal injured.

08:30 AM

Uttar Pradesh Minister Sidharth Nath Singh after casting his vote at a polling booth in Prayagraj.


08:28 AM

BJP candidate from Vidisha Ramakant Bhargav cast his vote at booth number 51 in Budhni Assembly constituency.

08:22 AM

EVM malfunctioning reported at following booths in West Bengal:


EVM Problem at  224 kharagpur town Ayma ward number 32 ,booth number 182

Evm problem at Medinipore towns Mission Girl’s school booth number 169.  

Bankura Lok high school 136 number booth EVM problem.

East Midnapore’s Kishornagar shachindra siksha sadan booth no 79 EVM problem.

West Midnapore’s Debra loada moynan Booth EVM  problem.

Voting not yet started at West Midnapore’s Ghatal Gor Pratap nagar booth number 144 due to EVM problem

EVM problem at Booth number 99 in Ghatal – Voting not yet started  

08:19 AM

RJD candidate from Siwan, Hina Sahab, said that people in Siwan are casting their votes in the name of development. Hina added that she has asked her agent to behave politely with voters.

08:13 AM

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya said that BJP is going to win Phulpur Lok Sabha seat. He added that SP-BSP-RLD alliance came into existence from this seat and the defeat in Phulpur will decide the future of alliance.

08:11 AM

Bhind, Haryana: Voting is yet to begin at polling centre no 55 due to EVM malfunctioning.

08:10 AM

08:04 AM

Over two dozens EVMs are malfunctioning in Dumariyaganj, Uttar Pradesh.

08:03 AM

Congress candidate from Vidisha, Shailendra Patel, cast his vote at polling booth number 158. He went to cast vote with his wife Pragya Patel.

08:01 AM

The re-polling in 168 polling stations under the Tripura West parliamentary constituency began amidst heavy security.

07:57 AM

Morena, Madhya Pradesh: EVM not working properly at polling booth number 83. No senior officer is present to handle the matter.

07:54 AM

BJP Candidate from East Delhi Gautam Gambhir casts his vote at a polling booth in Old Rajinder Nagar. He is up against AAP's Atishi and Congress's Arvinder Singh Lovely.


07:51 AM

Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh: Voting delayed due to EVM malfunctioning at booth number 369 in Ganapur. The EVM malfunctioning has also been reported from booth number 80 in Sabeli.

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