Olive oil could help reduce heart disease: Study

Almost everyone is fond of olives, be it on your favourite pizza, sandwich or salad. Not only do they taste good but are loaded with a number of health benefits.

Mediterranean diet cuts obesity, heart attack risk: Study

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New Delhi: A new study suggests that people who take mediterranean diet are less likely to be overweight or suffer obesity.

Mediterranean-style diet may reduce risk of developing kidney disease

A new research has demonstrated that eating Mediterranean diet which includes fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, and heart-healthy fats are linked with decreased risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

Mediterranean, DASH-style diets help reduce risk of first-time stroke

A new study has claimed that eating Mediterranean or DASH-style diets, which include fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, poultry and fish, can help reducing the risk of a first-time stroke.

Mediterranean diet reverses symptoms of metabolic syndrome

A scientific study showed a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts to people with metabolic syndrome may help reverse the condition.

Nutritional diet can help prevent, curb type 2 diabetes

A new study has revealed that specific nutritious foods and dietary patterns can help in preventing and controlling type 2 diabetes.

`Tomato pill` helpful for patients with cardiovascular disease

A new research from the University of Cambridge has revealed that a daily supplement of an extract found in tomatoes may improve the function of blood vessels in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Why Mediterranean diet is good for your heart

ew research has provided further evidence of the heart-healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet, tying the eating plan to lower levels of platelets and white blood cells - the two markers of inflammation.

Mediterranean diet may reduce diabetes: Study

A new study suggests that adhering to a Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of developing diabetes, especially people who are at a high risk for cardiovascular disease.

Mediterranean diet linked with lower risk of heart disease

A new research has revealed that greater adherence to Mediterranean-style diet was associated with lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Mediterranean diet may be good for leg arteries, too

People who eat a Mediterranean diet high in olive oil or nuts may reduce their likelihood of developing clogged leg arteries, according to new research from Spain.

Mediterranean diet helps prevent diabetes

Here comes a good news for people at risk for heart disease - and diabetes.
They just need to switch to a Mediterranean diet to prevent diabetes even if they do not lose weight or even do daily exercise, claims a new study.

Key to preventing dementia: Mediterranean diet

UK scientists have found that the Mediterranean diet, which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil, could help in reducing the risk of developing dementia later in life.

Mediterranean diet without breakfast best for diabetics

For patients with diabetes, it is better to eat a single large meal than several smaller meals throughout the day, a new study has found.

Women on Mediterranean diet likelier to live past 70

A new study has found that women who stick to Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes the consumption of healthy fats, are 40 percent more likely to live past age 70.

High-intensity interval training and Mediterranean diet combo beneficial for obese people

High-intensity interval training combined with Mediterranean diet counselling can help improve the heart health of people with abdominal obesity, a new study has suggested.

Mediterranean-style diet may boost fertility in women

Women who follow a Mediterranean-style diet - rich in vegetables, fish and beans - may increase their chances of getting pregnant, experts say.

New findings confirm Mediterranean diet reduces Alzheimer`s risk

For many years researchers have found a link between adherence to a Mediterranean diet and a lower risk of age-related disease such as dementia, but until now there has been no systematic review of such research.

Mediterranean diet does not delay onset of Huntington`s disease

Following a Mediterranean diet does not seem to be associated with the time of clinical onset of Huntington disease, according to a new study.

Mediterranean diet can help protect against type 2 diabetes

A new study has found that a Mediterranean-style diet and diets low in available carbohydrates can offer protection against type 2 diabetes.