Same mechanism behind both forms of diabetes

Both major forms of diabetes -- type-1 and type-2 -- result from the same mechanism, suggests a 20-year-long research.

`Women seeking anti-ageing therapy to treat menopausal symptoms`

More US women are seeking hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms from anti-ageing clinicians, feeling that conventional doctors do not take their suffering seriously, according to a new study.

Fruit flies can help unlock mysteries of human diabetes

Researchers have developed a new technique to measure insulin levels in fruit flies, an advance that allows for the use of this insect in diabetes research.

Feeling drowsy during the day? Check your bones

If you often feel sleepy during the day, chances are that your bones may also be fragile. Researchers have found that orexin proteins - blamed for spontaneous daytime sleepiness - also play a crucial role in bone formation.

Hormone controls supply of iron in red blood cell production

Scientists have identified a hormone which regulates the iron supply needed for red blood-cell production.

Common obesity gene linked to weight gain

A new study has shown how FTO, a gene commonly associated with obesity, contributes to weight gain.

``Missing`` hormone found in birds

Researchers from Ohio-based University of Akron have discovered leptin in the mallard duck, peregrine falcon and zebra finch, marking the first time the hormone has been found in birds.

Frailty in old age linked to stress hormone

A new study has revealed that lowering morning and higher evening cortisol levels contribute to frailty in older individuals.

Soon, wonder pill to keep you slim, avoid diabetes and ward off old age

A team of researchers is working on a pill that could help people lose weight, avoid diabetes and even hold off the effects of old age.

Being in love is actually good for your heart

A cardiologist has revealed that being involved in a healthy, loving relationship is good for the heart.

Becoming daddy for first time leads to lesser sex subsequently

Researchers have now found proof that men have less sex after they become a father for the first time.

Hormone behind bonobo peacefulness

High levels of a key thyroid hormone may be the reason why bonobos are peaceful creatures, scientists have found.

Novel hormone essential for heart`s development identified

Scientists have discovered a gene encoding a hormone that could potentially be used as a therapeutic molecule to treat heart diseases.

Cannabis use linked to development of `man boobs`

A US plastic surgeon has linked smoking cannabis to gynecomastia, commonly known as "man boobs".

High testosterone levels up mortality risk in older men

A new study has found that older men whose testosterone levels were neither low nor high tended to live longer.

Being happy does lower your blood pressure

A new research has found that a synthetic gene module controlled by the happiness hormone dopamine produces an agent that lowers blood pressure.

New hormone that makes ovaries grow discovered

Scientists have identified a new hormone that promotes follicle development and stimulates ovary growth, and could act as a potential `game-changer` in human fertility treatment.

Diabetes, poor growth related to hormone

Scientists have linked diabetes and poor growth to a protein involved in hormone regulation, says a study.

Potential forerunner to anti-obesity drug created

Scientists have been trying to understand the mechanisms that control the action of leptin, the appetite-regulation hormone that was discovered in 1994.

Hormone mix cuts appetite, obesity: Study

In an attempt to treat obesity and diabetes, scientists have shown that the joint effect of two hormones, important in metabolism, can work to reduce appetite.