Exercise helps flow of mysterious hormone in your blood

 An exercise-induced hormone does exists in humans, say scientists, adding that this hormone, called irisin, circulates in the blood at nanogram levels and increases during exercise.

Stress hormone cuts heroin craving

 The stress hormone is bad as it will elevate your anxiety level but scientists have found that cortisol can reduce heroine craving in drug addicts.

Hormone deficiency in brain may cause binge eating

 Absence of an hormone in the brain may trigger overeating behaviour in people who eat for pleasure rather than hunger, researchers report.

Menopause raises heart disease risk in women

Post-menopausal women have significantly greater volumes of fat around their hearts - a risk factor for heart disease - than their pre-menopausal counterparts, new research shows.

Progesterone can treat breast cancer

 A study shows that breast cancer patients can benefit from having the cheap and widely-available female hormone progesterone added to their treatment.

Implantable artificial pancreas to replace jabs for diabetics

An implantable artificial pancreas for diabetics has been developed that continuously measures a person's glucose level and can automatically release insulin as needed.

How organisms distinguish between real sugar, artificial sweetener

A new study has provided a deeper insight into how organisms distinguish between real sugar and artificial sweetener.

'Hunger' hormone leptin may not be culprit behind obesity

Contrary to the long-held belief, it turns out that leptin action is not the culprit behind making you overeat, and leading to obesity.

Higher levels of testosterone linked to diabetes risk

Higher levels of the hormone testosterone, specifically an unnatural overabundance, is linked to increased diabetes risk and prostate enlargement, a new study says.

Now keep your appetite in check with this new obesity treatment

 A new study has shed light on a new treatment for potential obesity that targets the two sides of appetite i.e. hunger and feeling full.

Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women can be really harmful

It turns out that hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women does not always do good to their health.

Exercise hormone 'irisin' may be a myth: Study

A new study has claimed that the “exercise hormone” irisin cannot be produced by humans.

Hormone helps you get good night's sleep

Melatonin supplements are commonly taken as a sleep aid but new research reveals that even in the absence of a supplement, naturally occurring melatonin hormone may help us fall asleep.

Soon, obesity may be cured with just a pill sans exercise

Scientists have recently found a new hormone that may help cure obesity without putting too much effort in exercising.

Aggression positively correlated to muscle development in boys

 Boys who show aggressive tendencies develop greater physical strength as teenagers than boys who are not aggressive, says a study.

Growth hormone helps improve autism-linked disorder

A growth hormone can significantly improve the social impairment associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in patients with a related genetic syndrome, according a new study.

Hormone-brain combo govern desire for sex
Hormone-brain combo govern desire for sex

If she is not in the mood tonight, do not just blame her for spoiling yours. New research suggests a woman's desire to make love is linked to how her hormones affect neurons in a particular brain area.

A step closer to medicine that treats obesity

 A peptide and hormone that reduces the urge to eat when administered to a specific area of the brain could be the target for developing medications to treat obesity and binge eating disorder, says a research.

'Feeding and fasting' hormone can improve insulin action

A researcher has found that adropin, a hormone that regulates whether the body burns fat or sugar during feeding and fasting cycles, can improve insulin action in obese, diabetic mice.

Stomach hormone that increases 'sex drive' found

According to a new Swedish study, an appetite hormone released from the stomach has been shown to increase sexual drive in mice.