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3-D printed ovaries could help cancer survivors have healthy children!

3-D printed ovaries could help cancer survivors have healthy children!

The bioprosthetic ovaries was constructed of 3-D printed scaffolds that house immature eggs and found to successfully boost hormone production as well as restore fertility in mice.

This is the reason why you are craving for sweets!

This is the reason why you are craving for sweets!

Scientists have previously shown that hormone growth factor 21 (FGF21) reduces sweets consumption in rodents and primates.

Beware men! Low level of Vitamin D may worsen frailty

Beware men! Low level of Vitamin D may worsen frailty

 A new study has claims that middle-age-men with low levels of Vitamin D are more likely to have poor muscle mass and strength, causing frailty.

Thyroid medicine may reduce risk of birth complications: Study

Thyroid medicine may reduce risk of birth complications: Study

A new study has found that the number of pregnant women given a common drug to boost thyroid hormone levels may lead to a reduced number of still-births, early caesarean sections and low-weight babies.

Vitamin D for pregnant women should be tailor-made

Pregnant women respond differently to vitamin D supplementation depending on their individual attributes, thus the supplement levels should be tailored according to individual risk factors, suggests a research.

Possible new therapy for anxiety-related conditions found!

 The nerves we feel before a stressful event, like speaking in public, for example, are normally kept in check by a complex system of circuits in our brain.

Want to burn fat faster? Don't skip exercise

"Exercise produces more irisin, which has many beneficial effects including fat reduction, stronger bones and better cardiovascular health.

Performance boosting hormone may help patients with mental disorders

The hormone erythropoietin (EPO), mostly produced by the kidney, is essential for the production of red blood cells. 

Higher thyroid hormone level may increase chances of heart failure

Risk of death from sudden loss of heart function is significantly greater in patients with high thyroid hormone levels, according to a study.

How overeating can actually make you eat more!

Overeating reduces levels of a hormone that signals the feeling of fullness in the brain, potentially promoting more eating.

Obese people too can keep those lost kilos off

Dropping fat and keeping it off can be difficult for obese people, but a recent study suggests that they too can maintain a stable weight loss.

Kids with Cushing syndrome face higher suicide risk

 Children with Cushing syndrome -- a metabolic disorder caused by high levels of the stress hormone hormone cortisol -- may be at higher risk for suicide as well as for depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions long after their disease has been successfully treated, says a study.

How genetics regulate ageing

New research shows that a hormone instrumental in the ageing process is under genetic control.

Hormonal therapy may treat postnatal depression

Treatment with a hormone that plays an important role in labour and breast-feeding can improve behaviour of mothers suffering from postnatal depression, a common disorder affecting 10 to 20 percent of mothers, says a study.

'Hunger hormone' may treat artery disease

 The appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin could be used to treat an advanced form of peripheral artery disease characterised by pain at rest, non-healing ulcers, and gangrene, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

Female hormone supplements may up breast cancer risk

 Post-menopausal women who use female hormone supplements containing estrogen and progestin ("combination" therapy) are at an increased risk for estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, says a new study.

Short winter days make women aggressive?

 The hormone called melatonin acts directly on the adrenal glands in females to trigger a “seasonal aggression switch” from hormones in the gonads to hormones in the adrenal glands.

Boozing much? Anti-diabetic drugs can help you with that addiction

If you want to get rid of the alcohol addiction, then this is for you. A recent study has found that diabetes medication can be used to treat alcohol dependence.

Anti-diabetic drug-risk knowledge gap highlighted

A new study has highlighted a possible gap in scientific knowledge about a family of drugs that are used to treat Type 2 diabetes.