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Taal Thok Ke: BJP is loudly telling that a grand Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya....It is also noting the date of Pran Pratishtha as 22nd January. Even today the Prime Minister said in Satna - 'Where does Ram work, where does Binu rest, where does Mohi rest'. ..All the BJP leaders from Amit Shah to Yogi and Himanta are also speaking on Ram Temple. Re-calls are being made that the Sangh and BJP's resolve of building a grand temple in Ayodhya is being fully remembered. ...And we are also not forgetting to remind that Congress had postponed the construction of Ram Temple for so many years...had even described Lord Ram as imaginary. In 1989, on this day, November 9, VHP had laid the first foundation stone. ...In 2019, the Supreme Court's decision on Ram Temple also came on this day. ...and today itself UP Chief Minister Yogi held his cabinet meeting in Ayodhya. ...Yogi worshiped Ramlala along with all his ministers. After that many big decisions were taken regarding Ayodhya. Deep Utsav is also starting in Ayodhya from today. From now till January 22, the Sangh Parivar has also planned a large-scale celebration across the country. According to BJP, this is its cultural nationalism. Whereas Congress says that this is electoral opportunism. His allegation is that BJP wants to encash the Ram temple, whereas Ram does not belong to any party, he belongs to everyone. ..Congress has also claimed the credit of Ram Mandir. Recently, Kamal Nath had also said that Rajiv Gandhi had got the lock opened for the first time. ...then we will talk to both sides. We will ask the Congress that Rajiv Gandhi had got the lock opened, so why did it take so many years to claim credit for it? We will ask the BJP why it feels that this election is between Ram devotees and Ram opponents? And Congress's Ram Is Bhakti smaller than BJP's devotion to Ram?...And will we also examine the question whether Ramji will sail through in the elections of 23rd and 24th?

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