A bowl of 'cereal' in the morning can increase your lifespan

 If you want to have a longer life, make sure to have that bowl of cereal in the morning, as new study has indicated that cereal fiber are potentially protective component for a longer and healthy life.

Some people would risk shorter life than daily pill

One in three people would risk living a shorter life instead of taking a daily pill to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD), new research shows.

New 'Biological clock' find may help to 'extend' healthy human lifespan

 A team of scientists has identified a biological clock in human DNA that can tell how long a person will live.

How human cells lifespan can be extended revealed

A new study has shed light on telomeres that are essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age, by extending them to slow down the cell aging process.

USD 1mn prize set on potion to extend human life beyond 120

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has launched a $1 million prize for the scientists to find the elixir of life that can extend life beyond age 120 - the theoretical maximum human lifespan.

Lifespan of children born in years with more sun is 5.2 years shorter than other kids

A new study has revealed that kids born in years with a lot of sunshine have a higher probability of dying compared to children who were born in the years with less solar activity, and that means fewer grandchildren.

How red wine keeps you stress free revealed

A new study has revealed that  resveratrol, the red-wine ingredient powerfully activates an evolutionarily ancient stress response in human cells.

Regular use of Ibuprofen may increase lifespan by up to 10 years

Using ibuprofen regularly can extended the lifespan by up to 10 years, says a new study.

Obesity may cut lifespan by up to eight years

Being overweight and obesity have the potential to decrease life expectancy of individuals by up to eight years, says an alarming study, adding that being overweight could be as bad as cigarette smoking.

Why females have longer lives than males

 Scientists have found a clue to understand the mechanism behind why females live longer than males.

Reducing sitting hours can boost lifespan

A new study has revealed that reducing the sitting hours can help people in protecting the aging of DNA and possibly extend their lifespan.

Healthy lifestyle can help you stay 10 years younger

An individual who smokes, drinks a lot, is physically inactive and has an unhealthy diet has 2.5 fold higher mortality risk than someone who leads a healthy lifestyle, new research says.

Super-hot curries could help you live longer

A new study suggests that super-hot curries could help you live longer.

Oxidants combat ageing to make you live longer

This may come as a real shock to you. Free radicals - also known as oxidants produced by our bodies as we process oxygen - act on a molecular mechanism that, in other circumstances, tells a cell to kill itself!

World`s oldest woman`s blood hints at lifespan limits

The world`s oldest woman`s blood analysis has concluded that lifespan of humans might ultimately be limited by the capacity for stem cells to keep replenishing tissues day in day out.

Running too much could shorten your lifespan

Despite running regularly being linked to a host of health benefits, including weight control, stress reduction, better blood pressure and cholesterol, a new study suggests that running may not be all that beneficial.

Consuming diet very low in nutrients could extend lifespan in humans

A new evolutionary theory claims that consuming a diet very low in nutrients can extend lifespan in laboratory animals, a finding which could hold clues to promoting healthier ageing in humans.

Contagious yawning may decrease with age

Contagious yawning may not be linked to empathy and tiredness and could decrease as one ages, a new study has found.

Anti-ageing pill that could help you live longer

In a breakthrough, scientists found that activating a protein called Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) extends lifespan and delays the onset of age-related diseases in mice.

High potency statins can add years to life following heart attack

A new study has suggested that treatment with high-potency statins offers a significantly improved chance of survival following a heart attack, slashing the risk of early death.