Eating at fast food joints send caloric intake soaring

A new study has demonstrated that adults who eat at both fast food and full-service restaurants have a increased chance of calories, sugar, saturated fat, and sodium intake.

Be aware of calories from soft drinks during meals

Did you ever count calories from the soft drink you usually order along with the dinner? Now is the time to factor those in.

Now, a microwave that can count calories

General Electric has come up with a technological boon as their new microwave can count the calories in the food.

A treadmill tuned to wash your clothes!

Imagine using treadmill to wash and dry clothes, besides burning your extra calories?

Sugary drinks contributing to obesity epidemic, especially among kids

A new study has found that sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are contributing in the obesity epidemic, particularly among American children.

Binge drinking could make you overeat

Drinking more than three large glasses of wine can make people consume about 6,300 extra calories in the next 24 hours, according to a poll.

`Food texture affects how much you eat`

People perceive food that is either hard or has a rough texture to have fewer calories, researchers, including Indian-origin scientists, have found.

Obese women who smoke gulp more sugary food

Are you obese and enjoy your puff too? You may end up eating more sugary food items, adding more kilos to body fat.

Women burn more calories when they exercise after taking protein

A new study has suggested that women should follow a high-protein meal with half an hour of moderate exercise as it burns more calories as compared to exercising on an empty stomach.

Drinking lots of water `no magic bullet` for losing weight

A researcher has dispelled the myth that drinking lots of water is often advised to those who are trying to lose weight.

Unsaturated fat prevents abdominal fat accumulation

Researchers from Uppsala University have shown that saturated fat builds more fat and less muscle than polyunsaturated fat.

Physical activity can increase lifespan of male cancer survivors

A new study has found that physical activity significantly extends the lives of male cancer survivors.

People who drink diet sodas end up consuming more calories

A new study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has found that overweight and obese adults who drink diet beverages take in more food calories on average than their counterparts who drink the sugary stuff.

Humans burn only half the calories daily

In a discovery that can lead to new understanding about human health and longevity, researchers have found that humans and other primates burn 50 percent fewer calories each day than other mammals.

Food, beverage companies slash calories in obesity fight

The world`s largest food and beverage companies have far exceeded a five-year goal set in 2010 to fight obesity by removing trillions of calories from products sold in the United States, according to an independent evaluation released on Thursday.

Diet and exercise linked to risk of developing kidney stones

A new study has found that engaging in physical activity every now and then and consuming fewer calories can decrease the risk of developing kidney stones.

Bigger bowls make kids want more food

Bigger dishes can cause adults to serve and consume more food, and the same thing apply to kids who also become vulnerable to this bowl-size bias, a new study has revealed.

Nutritional labels on menus force people to order less unhealthy meal

A new study has revealed that diners are likely to choose a less calorie-based meal when nutritional labels are mentioned on restaurant menus.

Now, scanner to calculate calories in food

A new food scanner has been designed which uses lasers to determine an item`s chemical composition and then sends the calorie and ingredient information to an app.

Obese women adjust diets according to extra calories from soft drinks

A new study has revealed that obese women willingly decrease their food intake when additional calories from soft drinks are included in their diets.