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Here's why teenagers become obese at puberty!

The study also found that teenagers exercise less during puberty, adding to the calorie excess that underlies obesity. 

Top five health benefits of cycling!

One should start cycling as it is the best form of physical activities. It also promotes many good health and gives many health benefits at all ages.

Try these simple ways to cut down on empty calories

Everyone wants to lose weight and might have tried doing every possible thing to achieve their fitness goal. 

Want to reduce weight? Start using sit-stand desk in office!

Do you want to shed off those extra fats from your body? Well, we all want to reduce weight and stay fit.

Always keep track of calories while eating out!

Do you often keep track of the calories while eating out? Well, it is good if you are checking on your calories intake.

Here`s why artificial sweeteners make you eat more

Researchers identified a new system in the brain that senses and integrates the sweetness and energy content of food.

Reasons why you should add more protein to your diet!

Sources of protein include grains, legumes and nuts, as well as animal sources such as meats, dairy products, fish and eggs.

Want to live longer? Restrict your calorie intake!

The researchers found that calorie restriction had a much bigger effect on metabolic outcomes than the amount of fat in the diet.

Stick to '5:2 diet' to cut breast cancer risk!

The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention study found that following a low-calorie diet for two days per week or a 5:2 dietcan lead to cancer-preventing changes in the breast tissue.

Follow this diet to lose weight in just 4 days – Watch!

This popular diet dates back to 1934, but today, it has become more of a fad diet owing to its quick weight loss potential.

Can't resist midnight snacking? Here's why it bad for you

Can't resist midnight snacking? Here are a few reasons as to why it bad for you.

Activating 'good' fat can curb obesity

The body's ability to harness heat production by converting white fat cells which store calories into beige (good) fat cells that burn energy, can help fight obesity, a new study reveals.

Indian takeaway has more calories than daily allowance

In a new study, health chiefs have warned that the standard Indian takeaway can contain enough food for two people.

This `sexercise` calculator reveals how many calories you burn

 This latest sex calculator can tell you how many calories a night of sex burns.

Going for pizza with that diet soda? You aren`t alone

Think drinking diet soda helps? Think again as a new study has claimed that you may not be saving as many calories as you believe.

Is your expensive activity tracker fully reliable?

Your activity tracker may provide you a good overall estimate of calories burned, but it is less accurate when measuring certain activities such as strength training.

Instant oatmeal breakfast curbs appetite at lunch

Having a hearty portion of instant oatmeal for breakfast enhances satiety and feelings of fullness, thereby helping you eat less at lunch.

All India Badtameez - Stand up against wrong

Watch All India Badtameez's social experiments and short films.

Hormone deficiency in brain may cause binge eating

 Absence of an hormone in the brain may trigger overeating behaviour in people who eat for pleasure rather than hunger, researchers report.