Diet fizzy drinks can cause obesity in adults over 65

A new study has found that fizzy diet drinks, which are sold with a low-calorie tag, actually have adverse effects on health and leads to obesity.

Calorie counting may affect the ability to focus

 Counting calories may help you shed a few pounds but the habit may adversely affect your ability to focus when you need it the most, new research suggests.

Calorie counting, weight-stigma prevent teens from eating healthy food

A new study has revealed that calorie counting and weight-stigma prevent teens from eating healthy food.

Guard against sugar addiction

Sugar can be addictive, but its excessive consumption can cause health problems. So, as much as you can, avoid a sugar glut!

Want to shed those extra kilos? Have oatmeal for breakfast!

Researchers have found that a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can do wonders for people looking to lose weight.

New calorie counting app insults you into losing weight

A new 'talking' smartphone app shames you into counting calories and losing weight through hideous fullscreen ads and tweets.

Weight-loss resolutions go for a toss after New Year begins

Resolutions to eat better and lose weight soon lose relevance as people end up buying the higher levels of junk food after the New Year begins, a study says.

Skip these 5 strategies to shed extra weight off your waist this year

There are 5 strategies that are actually bad for your New Year's resolution of losing weight, according to researchers.

Average American eats more than 7,000 calories on Christmas

A new research has demonstrated that the average American eats more than 7,000 calories on Christmas.

In 17 years, fast food hasn't changed

Average calories, sodium and saturated fat content is as high in fast food today as these were in 1996, says a research.

Calorie-restricting diets slow ageing

Having diets with fewer calories may help you delay ageing and age-related disorders such as memory loss, finds new research.

Home cooked food, the ideal recipe for healthy diet

People who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less, says a study.

How to avoid weight gain this festive season
How to avoid weight gain this festive season

Worried about weight gain during festive season? Here are some healthy tips to bail you out.

Why our brain picks pizza over salad

Scientists have revealed why does our brain makes us go for junk food over healthy meals.

Weight loss race not for the slow and steady

Gradual weight loss does not reduce the amount or rate of weight regain compared with losing weight quickly, a study says.

Teen soda drinkers know how many miles to run to burn calories

A new study has demonstrated that teens who noticed the printed signs that explained the number of miles they would need to walk to burn off the calories in a sugary drink were more likely to leave the store with a lower calorie beverage, a healthier beverage or a smaller size beverage.

Eating at fast food joints send caloric intake soaring

A new study has demonstrated that adults who eat at both fast food and full-service restaurants have a increased chance of calories, sugar, saturated fat, and sodium intake.

Be aware of calories from soft drinks during meals

Did you ever count calories from the soft drink you usually order along with the dinner? Now is the time to factor those in.

Now, a microwave that can count calories

General Electric has come up with a technological boon as their new microwave can count the calories in the food.

A treadmill tuned to wash your clothes!

Imagine using treadmill to wash and dry clothes, besides burning your extra calories?