BJP stages sit-in at Rajghat, dismisses AAP`s freebies as `hoax`

Accusing AAP government of fooling Delhi and dismissing free water supply as a "hoax", BJP staged sit-in at Rajghat to "expose" ruling dispensation`s alleged failure to fulfill it pre-poll promises.

PTI| Updated: Jan 10, 2014, 21:24 PM IST

New Delhi: Accusing AAP government of fooling the people of Delhi and dismissing its steps like free water supply as a "hoax", BJP on Friday staged a sit-in at Rajghat to "expose" the ruling dispensation`s alleged failure to fulfill it pre-poll promises.
As senior BJP leaders Harshvardhan, Vijay Goel, Vijendra Gupta and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi challenged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to take action against the former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and her council of ministers, a lot of eyeballs were caught by the saffron caps with the slogan "Modi for PM" worn by BJP workers at the event.

Senior leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqwi denied that BJP has taken any cue from AAP as far as the caps were concerned as saffron coloured caps have always been an integral part of BJP`s campaign.

"We have not imitated any other party nor are the caps a patent right of anyone," he said.

Speaking at the event, former state BJP chief Vijendra Gupta said "why is Arvind Kejriwal silent against the top leaders of Congress? When bodies like Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) and the Lokayukta have given proof against Sheila Dikshit and Rajkumar Chouhan, what is stopping the so-called crusader against corruption from taking any action against them?"

Criticizing the free water supply announced by the AAP government, BJP claimed only 3 per cent of the population of Delhi has a water meter, which would be benefitted while the people belonging to unregularised colonies, slums, water-starved areas like Dwarka, Delhi Cannt and Group Housing societies would have to fend for themselves.

"The party that came to power by promising to curb price rise today is indulging in the same. After more than a week of the government formation, prices of gas, CNG, water, petrol and diesel were hiked," BJP leader Harshvardhan said.

"The proposed free water supply is a hoax. A small section of the society can reap the benefits of such a measure. A majority of Delhi`s population who depend on tankers, tubewells and without a functioning water meter will continue to face water problems," he said.

Taking a dig at the 50 per cent cut in power tariff for consumption up to 400 units of electricity a month by the government, BJP Delhi Pradesh chief Vijay Goel asked the people of Delhi to wait for their electricity bills to determine whether the move will actually benefit them.

"I caution the people to wait for their electricity bills before believing that the move will benefit them," he said.

Goel also attacked the anti-corruption helpline launched recently by AAP as "fooling the people of Delhi as such a method would make `sting inspectors` out of ordinary citizens and will only leave them vulnerable".

He said evidence provided by such sting operations is "not applicable under the Indian Evidence Act".

"The Aam Aadmi Party that gave many promises to the people of Delhi on this symbolic ground has gone back on all of them. They joined hands with the same forces they were protesting against.

"They are running parallel organisations in the city, thus propagating a culture of complete anarchy and non-governance. Our rally at the same place today is to make them realise how they have betrayed the people of Delhi," Naqvi said.