Delhi gets an innovative model for safe disposal of electronic waste

Clean e-India, a first-of-its-kind initiative by Attero Recycling and IFC, has launched its e-waste consumer take-back model in Delhi.

ANI| Last Updated: Feb 02, 2015, 19:30 PM IST

New Delhi: Clean e-India, a first-of-its-kind initiative by Attero Recycling and IFC, has launched its e-waste consumer take-back model in Delhi.

The model has been launched with an aim to collect and responsibly recycle the electronic and electrical waste. The initiative is a timely intervention; according to a recent report by Assocham, Delhi produces around 67,000 metric tons of e-waste annually and India overall, generates nearly 12.5 lacs metric tons of e-waste every year.

Clean e-India initiative is already operational in the cities of Hyderabad and Ahmedabad and now, the model is all set to make its mark in Delhi. The success of the initiative depends on the end consumer and their willingness to give away their old and used electronic items.

Public awareness campaigns are being rolled out in print, radio and social media to create a buzz among the consumers about responsibly disposing their e-waste.

By dialing a toll-free number (1800 - 419 -3283), consumers can request free doorstep pick-up of their old mobile phones, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, cameras, microwaves etc. An assigned electronic waste collector, also called e-Captain will pick the old electronic items and incentivize the consumer appropriately.

Besides, consumers can also choose to login at Clean e-India`s website ( and request pick-up through this new model. While compensating the consumers for each item, this model can track the e-waste given away for recycling as part of this green initiative.

Another important aspect of the initiative is the inclusion of the informal sector, wherein the last mile collectors (kabadiwallas, etc), who are at bottom of the e-waste management chain, are trained to collect, handle and dispose e-waste in a responsible manner.

This ensures sustainability of the Clean e- India project as it envisions educating and training them in responsible e-waste disposal methods.

Talking about Clean e-India`s launch in Delhi, Subrata Barman, Senior Operations Officer, IFC, said, "With new electronic gadgets being launched in the market every other day, electronics are getting obsolete faster. Without a user-friendly and environment-friendly mode of disposal, the volume of electronic waste is growing rapidly. The Clean E-India initiative is designed to provide a sustainable solution for this problem, not only in India but also for other emerging nations."

Further, he added, "We plan to gradually roll out the initiative across major cities in the country, which are primary sources of electronic waste generation. After Delhi, we would be replicating the model in Mumbai."

The e-waste collected under the Clean e-India initiative is processed in an environmentally responsible manner using Attero`s clean technology. Attero Recycling is a NASA recognized technology innovator and India`s largest electronic asset management company.

Rohan Gupta, COO, Attero Recycling, said, "Environmental preservation is an issue that we have always been passionate about, which impelled us to launch Clean e-India. As we roll out this initiative in Delhi-NCR, Attero is confident of creating an efficient collection channel, thereby creating a win-win situation for both consumers as well as manufacturers. To complement Clean e-India initiative`s efforts towards a sustainable e-waste management solution, Attero has also been working to formalise the informal sector, which handles a major portion of e-waste in India."

Attero hopes that the endeavor will be successful in creating awareness about the dire need of e-waste management and will help in creating an effective framework of collecting and disposing e-waste.