It`s a historic day: Highlights of Kejriwal`s speech

The following are the highlights of Delhi`s new Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal`s speech after his swearing-in ceremony Saturday.

New Delhi: The following are the highlights of Delhi`s new Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal`s speech after his swearing-in ceremony Saturday.

- It is a historic day, it is not Kejriwal who has taken oath but the people of Delhi who have taken oath.

- People felt that bad politics had destroyed everything. But the people of Delhi proved that even honest people can fight and win elections.

- This is only the beginning. The real fight lies ahead.

- Kejriwal or his ministers cannot fight this battle all alone. But I am convinced that if the people of Delhi get together, then we can eradicate corruption.

- We do not believe we have all the answers to all the problems, or that god has given wisdom only to us. But if we all get together, then there is no problem that cannot be resolved.

- We are not arrogant and we do not have solutions to all problems. We do not have a magic wand that today we will form the government and tomorrow there will be a solution to all the problems. Only if the 1.5 crore people of Delhi join together then we will find a solution.

- Anna Hazare used to say that politics is dirty and if you get into it you will also taint yourself. I used to tell him that if it were so, then we will have to plunge into this muck to clean it up.

- In government schools, the state of education is poor because of politics. We do not get medicines in government hospitals because of politics, electricity bills are high and water is not reaching the people because of dirty politics and nexus with ministers. We have to come out and clean all the dirt in politics, and so today it is a historic moment in this journey.

- People ask me to remain alert as the bureaucracy would not let me work smoothly, but I do not agree. In the last few days, I have met many officers of Delhi and I can say frankly that if a few officers are corrupt then there are more honest officers also who want to work for the people and the country.

- It is a challenge for officers of Delhi to show the people that if the bureaucracy, people and politicians join hands to work together then we can make the country corruption and poverty free.

- I want to make a request to my ministers, legislators and volunteers that they should never let arrogance seep into themselves. If we are not able to protect ourselves from arrogance then our struggle will lose its importance.

- AAP is born to break the arrogance of other parties. We should never reach a situation where the need arises for a new party to be born to break our arrogance.

- Today we have challenged big political parties, corrupt people and communal forces. They are trying to create hurdles in our path. We have received some information about those forces but I do not want to mention about them now.
- We are on the path of truth. Walking on this path is not so easy and this path is filled with thorns. We are ready with the people of Delhi to accept all the challenges.
- The expectation of the people has increased so I get scared. The fruits of the work we do is not in our hands and I am afraid of the outcome. But I pray to god to give me wisdom so that we do not commit mistakes. If we continue to work in the path of truth then a win is sure.