Countries need to focus more on emission targets: Boer

Ahead of the Copenhagen Summit, the UN Climate Chief Yvo de Boer has said that all countries have to increase focus on emission targets.

United Nations: Ahead of the Copenhagen
Summit next month, the United Nations Climate Chief Yvo de
Boer today said that all the countries have to increase focus
on their emission targets, including the United States.

Boer, who is director of the United Nations Framework
on Climate Change (UNFCC) pointed out to developing countries
like India, China, South Africa and Mexico that have national
climate change strategies in place and urged Washington to
come up with concrete emission reduction targets.

"The list of what is on the table is rather long," he
said. "We now have offers of targets from all industrialized
countries with the exception of the United States."

Russia and Europe had offered to increase its targets,
he said adding that Brazil and South Korea had committed to
making ambitious cuts.

He dismissed reports that doubted the success of the
Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

"I have some recent reports that Copenhagen has failed
even before it starts and I must say those reports are simply
wrong," Boer said.

Boer expressed confidence that the negotiations in the
Copenhagem meet would lead to important political commitments,
which would be translated into a treaty within six months.

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